Thursday, May 03, 2007
Now that I've Created a Monster
Now that I've created a monster by showing up again what am I supposed to do?

Right now I'm focusing a lot of my energy on trying to predict what the city will throw at me. I've heard that they are talking to Steve Irwin's people in Australia and I'm pretty sure they are talking to my Gatorland buddies as well. This article that my team found from a newspaper in Australia actually says that Irwin's crew is still going to attempt to catch me when the time is right.

I hope whoever they bring has more of a clue than the gator haters that they threw at me last time. I have been replaying all of the failed attempts in my head, studying the mental film and preparing myself for whatever is next. One thing is for sure, I will never give up, if they want me it will be a fight. Oh and by the way, could you reload the bait traps, those were always easy dinners.

I'd like to say that I miss Steve Irwin, he was a good man and I was looking forward to a good fight with him. I'm sure he's still wrestling gators wherever he is. He was always kind when talking about gators and crocs and he always worked hard to make us have good lives. He will be missed.

Everybody has been emailing me, asking what I've been up to. To be honest, I was just relaxing. The weather has been strange, it was really cold this year and I struggled a little with that. I found a couple warm places to hide out and now it's finally warm again. I'm probably one of most adaptable Gators out there right now.

Even though I wasn't seen for awhile all of the people out there were great. I was always getting a steady stream of visitors, lots of families and people on lunch break. Kids, remember not to get too close to the water though, I could mistake you for a goose if I'm really hungry.

Last but not least, how about them Gators? The Florida Gators won the college football and basketball national titles!!! Go Gators!!

Til next time, enjoy some news articles from around the world.
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At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Hey Reggie I am so glad you are back, we just love ya, give them hell my friend


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Stephanie

I told em' you'd re-appear! Even tho I am living in Southern Maryland now...& am from Harbor City, CA. I keep the torch alive for you on the East Coast EVERYDAY & spread the word about U out here! I even bought some "SAVE REGGIE" merchandise recently & wear it proudly over here so eveyone knows you are real. I LOVE YOU Reggie! See U @ the end of the month!(I'll be comming home 2 visit @ the end of May).