Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Night Swimming and Some Excellent Photos
As many have you have heard or seen I was real active this weekend, swimming all over the lake. If you want to catch me (I mean see me) you should come in the evening if possible. I really like night swimming when the air is cooling down and the sun is setting, it reminds me how good it feels to be free.

On Saturday a big white egret kept bothering me while I was on my swim. I don't know what it's problem was, it kept swimming over my head and trying to tap me with its feet. I've seen it around the lake before so it should know that I'm just relaxing.

Here's some good stuff, I was waiting to see some good pictures of myself but nobody ever sends me any and the news doesn't really take any good ones so I was about to give up when a nice friend of mine from my Myspace page sent me a message saying she got a couple of good pics of me. My blog team checked her site out and brought the pics for me to see and WOW!! they are excellent. It's been a long time since I looked in the mirror so these are really nice for me. Anyways, everyone should check out the pictures, they are located in the blog section of her page. Here's the link: Photo's of Me . Let her know what you think, then let me know if you think I'm better looking than you thought. Let me know how you think I compare to my baby photo right here:

I overheard some saying that Irwins team should be here in July, anyone know if this is true? If they are coming in July I still have time to relax. If you've heard anything about this shoot me an email, I'd appreciate it.

That's it for now... Remember to visit my Myspace Page, and check out Reggie Gear!!!

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