Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Looking Down
When I first came to the lake I was so naïve. I thought all humans were good and that everybody would love a friendly neighborhood gator. For the most part I was right, people were giving me love, feeding me their dogs, whole chickens, burritos, and all other kinds of things. They were publishing my story and spreading my mission all over the world. I felt like all humans could be trusted.

Slowly this started to change, a fence was erected around the lake, multiple wranglers were called in to catch me and take me to jail (the zoo), and they caught little Reggie not to far from where the lake. My mind was still sort of split since so many people were still being good to me. Families were coming out in bunches to see me, workers were visiting me on their lunch break, and whole organizations like employees of the local refineries were giving me support.

Finally, as I reported on Sunday night my trust was broken. Actually not only was my trust broken but my soul was broken. One of my closest friends turned their back on me and it has devastated me. I still don’t know who it is but I’m working it out. I have the one member of my team that I completely trust setting up some nice little traps to catch the leak. It’s ironic how the tables turn and the gator that is supposed to be wrangled is now the one doing the wrangling.

I’ve spotted some plain closed authorities conducting surveillance on some of my favorite feeding spots so I’ve resorted to my contingency plan and I’m eating at spots that nobody on my team knows about. I’ve change my lifestyle up a bit, I’m swimming and feeding at irregular times. This is very hard on my system since I’m not getting sleep at the same time everyday.

This will be over soon. As soon as I can figure out who the leak is I can get ready for the wranglers that will be here soon. If anyone has advice let me know but mostly right now I just need your support.
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At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Hope it gets sorted out, Reg. You deserve better than this... :-(


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Lomita

Crazy Steve please come to Harbor City and save our Reggie. If anybody can do it you can.. In January Steve Irwin the well known Crocodile Hunter was on the Jay Leno show and promised that he would be back in the spring. So, come on Steve, It getting hot out here the birds are rapping and Reggie woke up! Where are you?