Monday, April 03, 2006
I'm Back: Bigger and Badder than Ever!!
I’m back and I feel stronger than ever! It has been a long tough winter (was it colder this year or was that just me?) but I feel like I got some well needed rest. I had a lot of time to reflect on last year and I finally got a chance to let my mind settle down. So many things happened last year so quickly that I never really got the chance to digest them but now I truly understand how big and important my situation and adventure was. I still feel lucky to have avoided being captured and to still be in this beautiful place.

This year I’m going to fight for freedom even more than last year, I’ve been going over the moves that I made last year over and over in my head and I’ve been analyzing the moves of the trappers and I’ve developed some new strategies to avoid being captured. I used the last week to find some new hiding spots that are almost inaccessible to humans and I’ve set up some spots to eat without being disturbed.

So I’ve been receiving many emails asking me when I was going to come out of hibernation. I actually have been in and out of it for awhile now but everytime it started to warm up it got really cold again. I finally woke up completely last week but I didn’t announce it because I needed some time alone to get back into my peak physical condition. I’ve been swimming around the lake real late at night and I’ve been trying to pack on some weight in case I have to get through a few days without food when they try to catch me again. Besides that I had a really nice, long nap that was incredibly relaxing and reinvigorating. I’d like to say thank you to all the people of Harbor City and the South Bay (and wherever else they came from) who continued to support me throughout my hibernation. I did see many families and people looking for me at the lake and I appreciate it. I’ll need your support even more when the wranglers start appearing again.

I’m ready for any wrangler they can throw at me right now. The big rumor is that the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is going to come catch me. Everyone saw him when he showed up before but of course he was too scared to step into the lake. He was just using me and Machado Lake to get some media coverage. I think it was a publicity stunt. We’ll see if he really comes back.

I know there are probably a lot of UCLA fans out there but I’m rooting for the Florida Gators. It’s not that I don’t like UCLA (I always love the locals) but whenever there is a Gator in the news doing something positive for our group I have to support them. The Gator mascot is the highest profile alligator right now and he is doing a good job of promoting us. So tonight when you watch the game look out for my buddy the Gator running around the court and energizing the crowd. GO GATORS!!!

I’ll be giving more updates from now on and I’ll be talking about my hibernation some more until the wranglers start coming out again.

Lastly, thanks to me team for redesigning the website I think it looks nice. Email me a and let me know what you think.

It’s good to be back!!!
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At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

I work with Reggie's #1 fan. His name is George Marshmallow.
Can you give him a shout out?