Monday, April 10, 2006
Haiku: Amphibian Poet; Words smooth like calm lake surface; The end is not near
On my hibernation:

Awake from long nap
Wranglers return to the lake
Support feeds my heart

On the rainy season:

Home's where your heart is
Beautiful Machado Lake
Quiet before storm

On my owner:

Freedom for gator
Opposite for family
Right ways can be wrong

Creating Haiku poetry was one of the main things I did while reflecting during my hibernation. I hope you enjoyed these poems. Let me know by emailing me at

With the weather getting warmer (except for today of course) I am getting ready for the long fight that I know is coming in the summer. I feel like a boxer in those last few days before they go into the ring, I'm getting my diet right, practicing my evasive manuevers, and working on my stamina and breath control. I know the city is going to throw everything they can muster at me this round and I'm going to be ready.

The overwhelming majority of the city would like me to stay but they still think I'm dangerous and want me out. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!! and I am not leaving easily.

I guess I'm in a little bit of a revolutionary mode right now, I've been hearing all the Harbor College kids getting excited over politics and it started to get me excited as well. Of course I'm only involved in whatever happens at my home (the lake).

Hopefully all of your support and love will eventually change the city's mind and they will let me stay here so that we can all enjoy the lake together. Isn't nature supposed to have animals in it?
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At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Great Haiku! You are certainly a creative and outspoken gator!

I'm quietly hoping you get to stay! Your blog is great and personifies the sensation that is Reggie!