Thursday, April 06, 2006
Florida Gators II

I heard some news last night that one of the people suspected to be my owner was sentenced to a few years probation and some time cleaning the freeway.  I won't say if this was one of my owners or not but it's good that they didn't get punished too much.  They did draw a lot of attention to Machado Lake and now I hear visitors talking about cleaning it up and making it an attraction for all of the South Bay.  I'm also grateful for being released into the lake because I love being free.  Swimming in a backyard pool does not compare to the luxury of Machado Lake.

Now to talk about the UCLA - Florida Basketball game some more.  I've received some email from multiple Gator Haters who are upset at me for supporting Florida instead of the local team.  I would have to say that I love local schools (Harbor College is my favorite) but my friends and family are all from Florida and Louisiana.  A lot of my aunts and uncles live in Florida and are diehard Gator fans plus why wouldn't I love a school whose mascot is the Gator?  If UCLA was in the finals playing any other team I would have been rooting for them but I always have to go with the Gators.  I hope all of my supporters can understand my reasons because I really need all of you to support me.  I don't really watch sports anyways, I just hear the news from my visitors.

Remember I'm always looking for people to send in pictures of the lake, or pictures of Reggie Gear that you have (I will blur out faces before putting them in my blog).  Just email me at

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