Sunday, April 16, 2006
Bend But Never Break
I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors around lake lately. Supposedly Steve Irwin is coming to get me in the next week or two. I think he is trying to sneak attack me but the citizens of Harbor City are keeping me aware of all that is going on around the lake.

Obviously it is impossible for me to attend policy meetings and workout deals with the people in charge of the lake but I have some dedicated supporters that provide me with all of the details I need. This experience has really shown me how great people can be when they have a cause to fight for.

People can also be evil when they feel that they can get ahead faster. I bring this up because someone has infiltrated my inner circle and is leaking information to the powers that be. Initially I kept my inner circle very, very, small only meeting one person and providing them with my information and journal entries. Soon I began trusting others due to the large outpouring of support and overall good vibe I was getting from everyone. Slowly my circle grew to two people, then three, until it finally reached its peak at four.

Ever since my inner circle grew to four strange things have been happening. For example every time I provide the crew with some important confidential information I find out that my potential wranglers have the same information. This is highly secretive information I am talking about like where I like to sleep, where I eat, when I’m active, and who is in the inner circle.

I’m scared that this information that is slowly being leaked could result in me being captured rather quickly. If a capable wrangler is given this information it is only a matter of time before I’m discovered, caught off guard, and taken to the LA Zoo with a rubber band around my snout.

So for now I’m just trying to figure out who the leak is. I’ve narrowed it down to one of three so I’ve excluded one member so far.

It seems that humans and gators have more in common that we all thought. We all have family struggles, we all fight for our freedom whether it’s physical, financial, or even mental, and we all reach those times in our lives where it is up to us as individuals to choose whether we give up or keep fighting. For now I’m still fighting but I need your support. Keep those emails coming ( because they feed me strength.

Don’t worry about the leak; I will get to the bottom of it sooner than later. I’ll let you know what happens. One more thing we have in common is that once we have one problem more just keep coming. Of course I have my priorities and number one is staying in the Lake with all my people.
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