Friday, April 21, 2006
Bathing in the Sun
CBS news (read article here) reported last night that a Los Angeles County employee saw me lying out on the grass near the golf course. It is true that I was lying out there sunbathing on nice days but I always made sure that nobody would see me. If anybody knows who this was let me know so I can email them. I wonder if they knew I was out there because of the leak in my camp. If anyone knows who saw me have them email me at so we can talk about this.

What else is up right now? Not much, I’m just trying to stay with this crazy irregular schedule so that nobody can figure me out. It’s been really tough, it’s messing with my sleep patterns, my appetite, and my relaxation time. Hopefully once the wranglers are here I can scope them out and figure out their schedule and base mine off of theirs. Most people who aren’t used to being up all night are not going to change their schedules for a long period of time so I really won’t have to worry about any odd hour activities.

Let’s see what happens this weekend. I predict big things are coming soon, I can smell them.
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Thursday, April 20, 2006
The Trap
As you have probably all heard by now the Daily Breeze reported today that a trap has been located in the lake. The trap is not armed right now because they are trying to condition me to become comfortable with the free food that it offers.

I’m a smarter gator than that. In order for me to start taking the bait they are going to have to get rid of all the other food sources in this lake. They say that raw chicken is one my favorite food but they are quite wrong. The long time readers probably remember that my favorite meal would be a carne asada burrito. If they were to put one of those in the trap then I might be tempted to get in. We’ll see how fast they figure this out.

Like I stated in my report yesterday, I knew this was coming. Activity around the lake has been extremely high lately.

By the way, whoever threw the leftover pork chops into the lake last night I owe you one. Those were great; if I could cook I’d ask you for the recipe.

No more updates for now but be sure to let me know if you hear anything about traps or wranglers or anything else be sure to let me know.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Looking Down
When I first came to the lake I was so naïve. I thought all humans were good and that everybody would love a friendly neighborhood gator. For the most part I was right, people were giving me love, feeding me their dogs, whole chickens, burritos, and all other kinds of things. They were publishing my story and spreading my mission all over the world. I felt like all humans could be trusted.

Slowly this started to change, a fence was erected around the lake, multiple wranglers were called in to catch me and take me to jail (the zoo), and they caught little Reggie not to far from where the lake. My mind was still sort of split since so many people were still being good to me. Families were coming out in bunches to see me, workers were visiting me on their lunch break, and whole organizations like employees of the local refineries were giving me support.

Finally, as I reported on Sunday night my trust was broken. Actually not only was my trust broken but my soul was broken. One of my closest friends turned their back on me and it has devastated me. I still don’t know who it is but I’m working it out. I have the one member of my team that I completely trust setting up some nice little traps to catch the leak. It’s ironic how the tables turn and the gator that is supposed to be wrangled is now the one doing the wrangling.

I’ve spotted some plain closed authorities conducting surveillance on some of my favorite feeding spots so I’ve resorted to my contingency plan and I’m eating at spots that nobody on my team knows about. I’ve change my lifestyle up a bit, I’m swimming and feeding at irregular times. This is very hard on my system since I’m not getting sleep at the same time everyday.

This will be over soon. As soon as I can figure out who the leak is I can get ready for the wranglers that will be here soon. If anyone has advice let me know but mostly right now I just need your support.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Bend But Never Break
I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors around lake lately. Supposedly Steve Irwin is coming to get me in the next week or two. I think he is trying to sneak attack me but the citizens of Harbor City are keeping me aware of all that is going on around the lake.

Obviously it is impossible for me to attend policy meetings and workout deals with the people in charge of the lake but I have some dedicated supporters that provide me with all of the details I need. This experience has really shown me how great people can be when they have a cause to fight for.

People can also be evil when they feel that they can get ahead faster. I bring this up because someone has infiltrated my inner circle and is leaking information to the powers that be. Initially I kept my inner circle very, very, small only meeting one person and providing them with my information and journal entries. Soon I began trusting others due to the large outpouring of support and overall good vibe I was getting from everyone. Slowly my circle grew to two people, then three, until it finally reached its peak at four.

Ever since my inner circle grew to four strange things have been happening. For example every time I provide the crew with some important confidential information I find out that my potential wranglers have the same information. This is highly secretive information I am talking about like where I like to sleep, where I eat, when I’m active, and who is in the inner circle.

I’m scared that this information that is slowly being leaked could result in me being captured rather quickly. If a capable wrangler is given this information it is only a matter of time before I’m discovered, caught off guard, and taken to the LA Zoo with a rubber band around my snout.

So for now I’m just trying to figure out who the leak is. I’ve narrowed it down to one of three so I’ve excluded one member so far.

It seems that humans and gators have more in common that we all thought. We all have family struggles, we all fight for our freedom whether it’s physical, financial, or even mental, and we all reach those times in our lives where it is up to us as individuals to choose whether we give up or keep fighting. For now I’m still fighting but I need your support. Keep those emails coming ( because they feed me strength.

Don’t worry about the leak; I will get to the bottom of it sooner than later. I’ll let you know what happens. One more thing we have in common is that once we have one problem more just keep coming. Of course I have my priorities and number one is staying in the Lake with all my people.
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Monday, April 10, 2006
Haiku: Amphibian Poet; Words smooth like calm lake surface; The end is not near
On my hibernation:

Awake from long nap
Wranglers return to the lake
Support feeds my heart

On the rainy season:

Home's where your heart is
Beautiful Machado Lake
Quiet before storm

On my owner:

Freedom for gator
Opposite for family
Right ways can be wrong

Creating Haiku poetry was one of the main things I did while reflecting during my hibernation. I hope you enjoyed these poems. Let me know by emailing me at

With the weather getting warmer (except for today of course) I am getting ready for the long fight that I know is coming in the summer. I feel like a boxer in those last few days before they go into the ring, I'm getting my diet right, practicing my evasive manuevers, and working on my stamina and breath control. I know the city is going to throw everything they can muster at me this round and I'm going to be ready.

The overwhelming majority of the city would like me to stay but they still think I'm dangerous and want me out. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!! and I am not leaving easily.

I guess I'm in a little bit of a revolutionary mode right now, I've been hearing all the Harbor College kids getting excited over politics and it started to get me excited as well. Of course I'm only involved in whatever happens at my home (the lake).

Hopefully all of your support and love will eventually change the city's mind and they will let me stay here so that we can all enjoy the lake together. Isn't nature supposed to have animals in it?
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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Florida Gators II

I heard some news last night that one of the people suspected to be my owner was sentenced to a few years probation and some time cleaning the freeway.  I won't say if this was one of my owners or not but it's good that they didn't get punished too much.  They did draw a lot of attention to Machado Lake and now I hear visitors talking about cleaning it up and making it an attraction for all of the South Bay.  I'm also grateful for being released into the lake because I love being free.  Swimming in a backyard pool does not compare to the luxury of Machado Lake.

Now to talk about the UCLA - Florida Basketball game some more.  I've received some email from multiple Gator Haters who are upset at me for supporting Florida instead of the local team.  I would have to say that I love local schools (Harbor College is my favorite) but my friends and family are all from Florida and Louisiana.  A lot of my aunts and uncles live in Florida and are diehard Gator fans plus why wouldn't I love a school whose mascot is the Gator?  If UCLA was in the finals playing any other team I would have been rooting for them but I always have to go with the Gators.  I hope all of my supporters can understand my reasons because I really need all of you to support me.  I don't really watch sports anyways, I just hear the news from my visitors.

Remember I'm always looking for people to send in pictures of the lake, or pictures of Reggie Gear that you have (I will blur out faces before putting them in my blog).  Just email me at

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Rain, Lots of Rain
I'm starting to love the rain, last night was the best nights sleep since my hibernation ended. The rain is so relaxing and it makes everything in the lake happy. The fish love it and swim around more, the birds love it because the worms come out of the ground and they can eat them, and I love it not just because it helps me sleep but because it keeps the wranglers away.

Before last year I never really liked the rain. When I was in my little cage the rain usually meant I would be alone and I wasn't used to being alone since I was domesticated at the time. Now I'm more of a wild man, a true survivor, who appreciates all of what nature has to offer me. This whole experience has made me into a more complete gator, more humble, more grateful, and more aware of the world as a whole. When you live in a backyard your perspective is really distorted. You think that the whole world is just getting fed by your owner and sleeping. Now I know there is so much more, there are so many great people around and there is so much water to swim in. Being free is great.

I hope it keeps raining for awhile. You can keep the thunder and lighting though, I still haven't grown to enjoy that.

Thanks for all the great emails and keep them coming. All of my contact information is on the right side of the page.

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to a big fan, George Marshmallow.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Gators are the Champions!
Today is a happy day for because last night the Florida Gators became the college basketball national champions. I didn't have the chance to watch the game since I'm in the lake but I did hear early this morning that my family destroyed UCLA.

I'm sad that UCLA had to lose but I can never be too sad when anytype of Gator is getting some positive attention. It means a lot to me that a school cares enough about my species to actually name themselves the Gators.

Hopefully I can repeat the performance of the basketball team by not losing to any of the wranglers that I'm sure are going to be coming my way. I'm hoping that they don't send to many but I'm ready for whatever they throw at me. I wish the city would just build a more beautiful fence around the lake and just let me live here. This lake is beautiful and I think that I could help promote it and draw more people to this part of town. Hopefully someone powerful out there agrees with me.

During the past few months I haven't heard many rumors about who is supposed to come catch me so I don't know what I have to look forward to in the near future. Some locals have been giving me scouting reports on the Crocodile Hunter so at least I'll be ready for him if he shows up.

Life at the lake is nice and relaxed right now and this is just how I like it. I'm hoping this lasts for a while so that I can have a chance to bond with the community again. I'm sure when it warms up people will start visiting me more and I'll try to give them a show if it's possible.

That's all for now.
Reggie the Alligator
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Monday, April 03, 2006
I'm Back: Bigger and Badder than Ever!!
I’m back and I feel stronger than ever! It has been a long tough winter (was it colder this year or was that just me?) but I feel like I got some well needed rest. I had a lot of time to reflect on last year and I finally got a chance to let my mind settle down. So many things happened last year so quickly that I never really got the chance to digest them but now I truly understand how big and important my situation and adventure was. I still feel lucky to have avoided being captured and to still be in this beautiful place.

This year I’m going to fight for freedom even more than last year, I’ve been going over the moves that I made last year over and over in my head and I’ve been analyzing the moves of the trappers and I’ve developed some new strategies to avoid being captured. I used the last week to find some new hiding spots that are almost inaccessible to humans and I’ve set up some spots to eat without being disturbed.

So I’ve been receiving many emails asking me when I was going to come out of hibernation. I actually have been in and out of it for awhile now but everytime it started to warm up it got really cold again. I finally woke up completely last week but I didn’t announce it because I needed some time alone to get back into my peak physical condition. I’ve been swimming around the lake real late at night and I’ve been trying to pack on some weight in case I have to get through a few days without food when they try to catch me again. Besides that I had a really nice, long nap that was incredibly relaxing and reinvigorating. I’d like to say thank you to all the people of Harbor City and the South Bay (and wherever else they came from) who continued to support me throughout my hibernation. I did see many families and people looking for me at the lake and I appreciate it. I’ll need your support even more when the wranglers start appearing again.

I’m ready for any wrangler they can throw at me right now. The big rumor is that the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is going to come catch me. Everyone saw him when he showed up before but of course he was too scared to step into the lake. He was just using me and Machado Lake to get some media coverage. I think it was a publicity stunt. We’ll see if he really comes back.

I know there are probably a lot of UCLA fans out there but I’m rooting for the Florida Gators. It’s not that I don’t like UCLA (I always love the locals) but whenever there is a Gator in the news doing something positive for our group I have to support them. The Gator mascot is the highest profile alligator right now and he is doing a good job of promoting us. So tonight when you watch the game look out for my buddy the Gator running around the court and energizing the crowd. GO GATORS!!!

I’ll be giving more updates from now on and I’ll be talking about my hibernation some more until the wranglers start coming out again.

Lastly, thanks to me team for redesigning the website I think it looks nice. Email me a and let me know what you think.

It’s good to be back!!!
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