Saturday, October 01, 2005
T-Bone Moved In
Yesterday I saw this big blocky object being moved in by the lake, being a gator I obviously didn't know what it was but luckily some loyal readers and the Daily Breeze let me know that T-Bone is moving in. Someone donated a camper to T-Bone so that he can live at our lake while trying to catch me. Talk about Gator Haters!

T-Bone supposedly knows where I like to hang out which really isn't that hard to figure out if you just lay back and watch me for awhile. These other wranglers were too impatient, they just wanted to get off the plane and catch me. T-Bone has nothing else to do and nowhere really important to go so he can just watch and wait until he thinks the moments right. This is kind of scary because with the other wranglers I knew that if I could hide out for a few days they would eventually leave and I could resurface again. I'm going to spend this weekend watching T-Bone to see if he really has found my hiding spot. If he has I'm moving, this lake is big and plenty of top grade gator homes.

Some people have been thinking that I followed the rain water of a while ago out of the lake. I'm still here living it up the best I can. Don't worry about all the fish that have been dying in the lake either (was it the runoff into the lake?) I've got plenty of food. I've recently been introduced to lumpia (a traditional Filipino appetizer), wow those are good maybe someone could make me one the size of a burrito though.

The Daily Breeze contacted my team and told them that there is should be a short blurb about me in the "ask us" section of their paper on Monday. Today they put in an article about another urban gatorthat occurred in 1996 in San Francisco (I've heard it's too cold there). The story is a lot like mine but this gator gets captured and ultimately returned to the wild in New Orleans. I hope "Golden Gator" as they called him is doing alright. We gators are survivors.

The Daily Breeze also reported that somebody called the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. I guess they forgot to tell that person that I'm an alligator. I'm not really scared of Irwin anyways, people have been telling me that he sedates the crocs before catching me. If that's true I know I can escape from him because I'm not going to let anyone give me any type of drugs. Of course if I'm captured by anyone I do expect a full physical exam at the zoo, and I'm willing to take some meds if needed at that time.

Come out and support me this weekend. T-Bone is feeling confident like my end is near. Let's show him that Reggie support is still going strong.

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At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Will be there to support you Reggie. If they do catch you I hope they will also set you free Love ya


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Just what we need in L.A. Another tattooed unemployed derelict..


At 5:41 AM, Anonymous maumau

salut a tous je suis BELGE et j'ai lus votre artic dant le journal sur votre alligators REGGIE et a mon avis il faut le laisser en paix dans le lac de Machado je suis moi meme plongeur et j'aime les les voir bien au fond de l'eau
merci a tous et a plus


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