Saturday, October 15, 2005
T-Bone is gone and more on my Cell
So the Daily Breezereported today that T-Bone is calling it quits on Sunday. He thinks that I'm going to go into a semi-hibernation state and it will be impossible to catch me. A lot of things went wrong for the wrangler in this latest attempt, he is still waiting for the part to his hovercraft. Of course I'm still on high alert for two reasons, 1.) I'll believe T-Bone is giving up when he actually leaves and 2.) the LA Zoo guys are still trying to catch me. Thanks for all of the support and thanks for helping me evade all of these crazy wranglers.

Now onto the zoo. After posting the picture of my possible cell at the LA Zoo I received a large outpouring of support and I am grateful for that. However one email from someone who knows the happenings at the zoo emailed me as well. They said that they think I will like the enclosure because it is actually a lot bigger than the photograph. There is an island with some vegetation in the middle of the small pond. Methuselah, the gator that is there, seems like a good gator, it has only one eye because of some type of encounter with a human. The email told me that they don't want that to happen to me so it might be good for me to go to the zoo.

I guess I have to agree on some points, if I do anything wrong I could get killed by the animal police. My life is very difficult because I have to balance a lot of different things like entertainment, human safety, and my freedom. The zoo would provide me with a reliable safe home and a constant food source plus there would be a lot less stress in my life. However, no small pond could compare to the beauty of Machado Lake and all of the wonderful people who come out to support me.

The Daily Breeze also reported that the 710 Grill in San Pedro is offering a Reggie Burger for $6.95. This burger actually contains alligator from New Orleans. To me one of my brothers lives is worth more than $6.95. I don't think this is right, I don't mind people capitlizing off of me but I feel like they would actually make burgers out of me if they could. They say it tastes like chicken so why not just use chicken.

Speaking of food, an urban entertainment blog did a profile on me and let me talk about some of my favorite things. Check that out at Gridskipper. They did a nice job with the article and I never once felt like they treated me as a second class citizen.

Until next time.
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