Tuesday, October 18, 2005
See it when you believe it!
Like I said in my previous post, I'll believe it when I see it.  T-Bone has decided to stay a little longer due to the rain and rising lake levels.  This guy can't make up his mind and it is driving me crazy.  At least I had an idea that he was going to stay.  I knew it was going to rain this week (animals are in touch with nature) and I knew that would give him some confidence.  He never really got near me on Monday night but we'll see what happens today (nothing as of yet).  I don't think he'll catch me, honestly I don't think he has found my crawl like he said.  
Here's a recap for any new readers:
I was enjoying my life in San Pedro, CA when my owner dropped me into Machado Lake.  I survived off a variety of different foods (fish, dogs, ducks, etc.) while adapting to life in the wild.  Somebody spotted me and the media went crazy.  It was like Machado Lake became the center of the universe for the a few short days.  Soon an Alligator wrangler from Colorado was called in to catch me.  He failed.  A Florida wrangler was called in.  He failed.  He came back for more.  He failed again.  An evacuee from New Orleans named after one of my favorite foods (T-Bone) steak then tried to catch me.  He failed too.  Now I'm here in the lake waiting for my next adventure.  I'm trying to make it a few more weeks into my psuedohibernation phase so that the LA Zoo Zookeepers finally give up until next year as well.
My journey has taught me so much about myself and human nature.  I've learned that humans are unpredictable, they love to love but they also love to hate.  I've learned that people in the south bay and especially in Harbor City are extremely kind and generous and extremely willing to accept an ugly beast like myself as one of their own. 
I'm still looking for a guest columnist if anyone is interested.
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At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Who's ugly? We think you're beautiful, Reggie! Stay strong, big guy!


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Ugly beast?????? Reggie, you're beautiful -- I bet your mom thought so and we in the South Bay think so too!!! Sounds like you might need to get some counseling for low self-esteem. Hey, by the way, could you maybe limit your diet to fish and an occasional duck? You're probably not so hungry any more, so hopefully you won't be needing to eat any more dogs. Yuck!!!!!! Also, I STILL think you need to hold out for a one-way ticket to the Florida Everglades. Sounds like you're resigned to eventually ending up in the L.A. Zoo -- where's your fighting spirit?!!!


At 5:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Bookmark you. I have a


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Tim

long live Reggie


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