Sunday, October 16, 2005
Letter from Jay Young of Colorado
A long time ago I invited all of the wranglers, zoo keepers, and city officials to send me a letter and I'll put it in my blog.  I don't know if Jay Young of Colorado knew about that but he emailed me anyways.  His email was very informative and I appreciated it very much. There are some scary parts about the zoo and some good news about possible future homes. He sounds like he is on my side, I always thought he was good guy inside.    I'm going to put the email below but let me say that I do not have a way (as of right now) to verify that it really came from "the" Jay Young but it seems to me like something he would write.  Jay if this is really you thanks for the fun while it lasted, I loved evading you the most and I respected you because I knew that you would treat me humanely.  Enjoy:
"Well, Reggie, I was at the LA Zoo on my last trip to California, as I had promised to return free of charge to catch you, but the LA Zoo and T-Bone said they had it under control. Hah!  So we went to the zoo instead.  I wouldn't say the habitat is necessarily big enough for a third gator, especially if Methusalah is a male, since he will probably try to kill you, that's what larger male gators do to smaller males introduced to their pond.  You may be ok, besides missing one eye, his teeth aren't in great shape and really he isn't either (a little chubby in the gut, needs a traedmill or something).  The good news is, you'll be in quarantine in much smaller quarters for 90 days before you find out.  The better news, I also looked in to a location for a gator and caiman rescue since there is no place for unwanted gators in CA.  Found a good one too.  We can house gators such as yourself as well as overgrown pythons, monitor lizards, turtles, tortoises, etc. and teach the public to be more responsible in their decisions to buy exotic pets. Since my free help has been denied, I don't believe I'll be seeing you at the lake anytime soon.  So I'll be working on a home for you in case you are ever caught, but give those zoo experts a good run for their money.  I'm sitting back wtih everyone else laughing for a while.  Like T-Bone was going to catch you, right.  What a joke, I met him at the lake, and that's all I can say.  At least I can say I only chased you for 2 days and would've had you if they would've been patient enough to wait for the right net.  Oh well, I kinda like to see you proving what I told them from the start, It's just shy of impossible.  Until later
Jay Young
If anyone else would like to write a guest column in my blog (from your own point of view) email me and I'll see if I can print it.  Try to keep it short though.
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