Monday, October 03, 2005
Changing Old Habits

Since my last post I've heard a lot of folks at the lake talking about T-Bone and how he has me all figured out. Because of this I've started changing a lot of my habits. I'm not really changing anything major right now because I don't think I can withstand the anxiety that wholesale changes would cause. I'm working on changing little things here and there so that I can throw him for a loop. I'm changing the time I eat and swim, the location of my meals and I take a new route to my "crawl" everynight so that hopefully I can lose T-Bone on my way there. He thinks that all Gators are the same and they we have simple minds, I'm out to prove him wrong. Many Gators are set in their ways but that is because they have no choice or they just don't care. When they are fighting for their lives they can adapt quickly. The part I hate about this is that I am being kept from getting comfortable. Everytime I get some sort of pattern going I have to change it because another wrangler is out to get me. It would be nice to get a month or two off especially heading into the winter.

It seems that the number of people who want me caught is increasing fast at this point. I get the feeling that there are just as many haters at the lake as there are supporters. I've been told that my Cyber-support is strong and that I have many friends all over the U.S.

The Daily Breeze put an article about my blog and my online store in today's paper. They talk about someone who "channels" me, well this is not exactly true. As I explained in an earlier post I have a team that inputs my entries into the computer for me since I do not have internet access or a computer here in the lake. I have been verbalizing my entries and the Save Reggie Team has been typing them all for me(Thanks Guys!). Somebody emailed me and suggested I get one of those wireless Blackberry things but I don't think that that would work well because my fingers are too fat and I would press to many keys at one time.

There is not much other news from the weekend other than a lot of people came out to show support and resistance to the "Save Reggie" movement. Thank you to all the supporters, let's not give up the fight. Keep spreading the word!!

Don't forget to check out my baby photos that I put up in my earlier posts.


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