Monday, September 19, 2005
Try to Catch Me: I'll make you famous
The first thing today is the announcement of the Reggie Rally hosted by the Harbor City Neighborhood Council. This is on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at Narbonne High at 6:30. The Council is going to make me an "official Resident of Harbor City." There is going to be a costume contest and they are going to sing my anthem. I heard there may be free t-shirt giveaways but someone needs to verify that for me. Everyone needs to get out and attend this rally. Harbor City has been showing me lots of love and giving me lots of support. This is your chance to show them that they need to continue supporting me. If you attend be sure to take some photos and email them to me. I'm going to be stuck in the lake that night so I won't be able to attend.

Narbonne High School
24300 Western Ave
Harbor City, CA 90710 US

As you all heard from yesterday the Louisiana Gator wrangler is gone due to lack of paperwork. However he has not really moved on because I'm hearing all kinds of things at the lake about how he angered gatorland and how Hahn angered Gatorland. Williams is actually going to write a letter of complaint. I think the problem is that everyone involved in trying to capture me has something to prove and is very territorial. It is sort of like when I was first dumped into the lake the other animals started saying a lot of negative things about me. If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you will remember that I had a difficult time adjusting to the ecological culture of this lake but over time I gradually began understanding the importantance of working together. Since then my stay here has been happier. My brain may be small but I think humans could learn a few things from watching me. More on this story after my new photo:

How about this nice photo of me laying out in the sun. I'm pretty big here but I'm a little bigger right now. Especially since the residents of Harbor City have been feeding me so well. I'm going to be putting some more photos up but I need to sort through them. This is difficult when you live in water since I don't want to get them wet.

I took this next photo from beFrank:This Job Sucks. If you look closely (Click on it and it gets bigger) you can see a Reggie toy on Councilwoman Hahn's desk. She has been a bit controversial lately (I don't get involved in politics) but she has always supported me and I appreciate that.

Now back to the wranglers: Williams of Gatorland was quoted in the Daily Breeze article as saying "I think they should just keep the thing in there. Post signs, fence it off." He is the 2nd (1st being T-Bone) wrangler to say that I should be left here. The article then quotes Hahn as saying "I think we need to seriously consider the fact that he may not be caught." I guess a lot of people are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leaving me in the lake will benefit Harbor City and also will benefit me. I think this lake should be made into a wildlife dropoff point.

The LA Times did a short piece on T-Bone today but this article seemed to be filler, so I have no comment.

Thanks for all of the email which has been pouring in since I posted my childhood photos, keep it coming. Let's keep spreading the word it seems to be working, 7000 blog visitors and over 200 Myspace friends.


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At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Yo Reggie, you rock gator!

Been following this story since you were first spotted in the lake. Each day I think this story can't get any better, yet each day it does!

I can't wait to see who comes to town next to try to catch you. I'm sure the other city council members are rooting for your capture. They must be so jealous of Janice getting all the ink. I wouldn't be surprised if a gator doesn't show up in Echo Park or Lake Balboa soon.

BTW, thanks for the tip on the San Pedro Brewery. I tried the Alligator Ale over the weekend, it's great.


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

I can second that on the Alligator Ale. They describe it as having a bite, but I found it rather smooth. The waitress had more of bite!


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Redondowriter

Hey, Reggie, you're awesome. I wanted to ask you a personal question, if you're up for it. I know there are a lot of displaced alligators on the Gulf Coast right now. What if the Gatorland guys do a massive rescue and bring them to your shelter? I think there might be a $2,000 voucher for each evacuee; you could arrange for a cut--and then hire your own team to catch the next guy/s who "volunteer" to attempt to catch you.

At today, my blog, somebody named David Hawkins suggests we get the environmentalists involved and declare you to be an endangered species. What do you think?


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