Thursday, September 15, 2005
Show your support and Drink to me!!
Life has been anything but relaxing lately I'm kind of tired of these guys moving into my lake and staying. They have been putting out a lot of new chicken bait and they have been stepping up their pursuit of me during the night using spotlights and canoes. I am on high alert and I will remain this way until they leave me alone.

Mr. Williams of Gatorland expressed exactly how I was feeling in the Daily Breeze yesterday. when he stated "He just wants to be left alone." I do want the authorities to leave me alone but I don't wan't all of the supporters to stop coming. The love I've been receiving has been awesome and I appreciate it.

I would like to show some appreciation to the San Pedro Brewing Company at 331 W. Sixth St for creating a batch of Alligator Ale. In the Daily Breeze article today they quoted the owner James Brown as saying "Like our friend, it has a little bit of a bite, is a bit snappy and the flavor can be a bit elusive." I've heard that alligators taste like chicken (crocodiles eat their own, we don't so I don't know) but I'm sure that this brew does not. How about some free brew for the Gator - email me at In my opinion it is better to drink Alligator Ale than to eat Alligator.

Also my blog reached 6000 visitors today. Thank you all so much for that, the support has been more than I ever expected. I'm just a gator on the run, but I guess I picked the greatest community in the world to be a part of. A special thanks goes out to all of the employees of the ConocoPhillips refinery!!

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