Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Second Alligator Found: I am not alone!

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I am not alone. It feels good to know that I have some family out there. If you haven't heard by now they have found another reptile, possibly a gator, in a flood control channel that feeds into Machado Lake. Obviously all of my supporters have been spreading the word to support me and their calls are being answered. I have a feeling that many Gators that have been living all around Los Angeles will slowly be making their way towards Harbor City. For years the Gators of Los Angeles must have been feeling like they were alone but now they no longer have to feel that way.

I'm hoping that this is the SGR (Single Green Reptile) that I have been waiting for, I'm also hoping that they will allow this new Gator to make its way to the Lake so that we can at least hang out for a little while. Although I do enjoy the onlookers and constant attention from the Rangers the conversation has been slim. I'm at a point in my life when I need more than "Here gator, gator, gator" calls. I need real converstation from someone who understands me, my background, and what I've gone through. The only one who can identify with me is another gator.

I need your voices to be heard, get out and support all of the new Gators in Los Angeles.

The first article on this story appeared in the Daily Breeze:
Is there enough room in Harbor City for 2 reptiles?

The second article which mentions the Official Reggie the Alligator Blog appeared in numerous newspapers and on radio news channels is linked here in the San Diego Union Tribune:
Second crocodilian turns up in Los Angeles waters

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At 2:59 PM, Blogger nicole

Reggie has a little brother. So what is his name? Richard?