Tuesday, September 13, 2005
On the hunt for a Gator
They are trying to catch me as we speak.

I noticed that Tim from Gatorland in Florida was back today at the lake. Him and two other people (herpetologist or wranglers I'm guessing) were setting a trap for me earlier in the day using raw chicken and fishing poles. I would like to say thank you to Fred (I think he is a city employee) for feeding me all the chicken and getting me nice and strong, however I still have one complaint and I have voiced it before, how about some flavor, a little marinade or something would be nice.

I overheard the news reporter on Channel 9 Dave Lopez saying that they were going to attempt to catch me tonight. He was right.

Channel 9 is here right now filming live. The reporter Jennifer Sibih said that the wranglers are feeling lucky tonight, we'll see.

In case you come to the park I've been hanging out near the boat house in the aquatic vegetation.

The last news about the hoax I heard was that it was started by a jealous ex-employee of Jay Young from CO.

Keep up the support.
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At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

I have some equipment and will be at the lake. So if these "professionals" don't get him, I will.

Just a local resident with some strong fishing equipment.


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