Sunday, September 18, 2005
New Orleans Wrangler: Is this guy crazy?
Okay, this man "T-Bone" from New Orleans is sort of freaking me out. He is camping out at the lake and he is walking around with a flashlight trying to shine it in my eyes. What scares me about him is that he has an unorthodox cajun wrangler style. You never quite know what he is going to do. I think it is funny that he is talking trash about Tim from Gatorland. He stated, "I just hope I can keep Gatorland off my back. I ain't telling them nothing. That pontoon boat is retarded." Mr. T-Bone also said that when he usually catches gators he stabs them in the back of the head and in the brain but supposedly he is going to take it easy on me. I've heard that the city wants to take me alive because they see me as a source of revenue. I'm glad that gators don't have to be involved in politics.

The second thing that scares me about T-Bone is that he has experience in urban gator containment. Both Gatorland and Jay Young work in areas that are not urban. I am an urban metropolis gator, I am a totally different animal than what they are used to. However, this guy is used to catching gators in a city and he seems to do it for fun. I think it is sort of like cow tipping to him. I hope that he does know what he is doing because I do have a temper if you rub me the wrong way. People need to remember that Gators Bite. I hope nobody gets hurt as my saga continues but we will have to wait and see.

Remember to scroll down and see the exclusive photos of me growing up. I have some more of me eating some nice looking meat, I will post those soon. Life was so easy back then.

Here is the LA weekly article that first talked about T-Bone:
T-Bone’s Dream

Here is the LA Times article that discusses T-Bone getting the job:
Reggie Has a New Nemesis in Evacuee

I don't know how I missed this little blurb about Day 35 of the hunt in the Daily Breeze (I been having read to me everyday) but they said "Maybe Reggie is too busy surfing the 'Net to be caught." Although I have been conducting a lot of research on news stories my first priority has been my freedom. They gave my blog another link which was nice. Check out the blurb here Gator Watch Day 35. The daily breeze has been updating the situation everyday so keep checking them out.

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