Thursday, September 15, 2005
Little Reggie Update plus a Janice Hahn Quote
LA Councilwoman Janice Hahn claims to have no problem telling if I am male or female. The Inside Bay Area News website reprinted an LA Times article that quotes Hahn as saying "I'm sure Reggie is a he, because he clearly avoids commitment, and he's never where he says he's going to be." I'm really not scared of committment, it's just that I haven't found the right lady yet. I'm very picky, I was thinking of going onto but I've heard it's slim pickings for female gators over there. Plus they never look like their pictures.

Update on Little Reggie. I emailed the LA Zoo to find out how Little Reggie is doing and this is the response I received:

Hello,Thanks for writing to the Los Angeles Zoo. For their protection and well-being, all animals in quarantine are off-exhibt and unavailable for viewing by the public. It's my understanding that the Zoo is actively searching for a permanent home for the alligators we are temporarily caring for.

Will C. (I edited his last name for privacy)
Website Editor

I don't know if this is addressing Little Reggie directly but thanks to the LA Zoo for responding to my inquiry.

I guess Jay Young of Colorado Gators was pretty steamed over the fake news that he had captured me. It's been pretty much confirmed that the hoax was created by a disgruntled ex employee who has a history of pulling these pranks. Mr. Young is back in LA today, but not to catch me, he is here to try and get a T.V. deal. Good luck Jay, even though you tried to catch me I understand we all need to feed our families one way or another.

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