Monday, September 12, 2005
Life as a Gator: Thinking of the future
Today was another slow day in the pond and in the news. I did appreciate a quiet day after the recent onslaught of media attention, it gave me some time to reflect about my life. I think I'm finally starting to find out who I really I am. When you have time alone you really get to learn about yourself, for example I never thought I would be so much of a survivor. I guess I have instincts that have been honed for generations and passed on to me.

I also got to thinking about what is going to happen in the winter. It is already getting a bit chilly at night and in the cold I tend to slow down. I guess I'm what humans call "cold blooded". Together with this, I'm sort of worried that the scientist may have put a tracking device in some of the raw chicken I've been eating. Now if they wait until a cold night to catch me they will know exactly where I am and I will be to cold to get out of the way. Let's see what happens.

Some people wanted different designs at my Online Store so this is what I came up with. The first is a yellow 1980's Hulk Hogan style "Gatormania" shirt, the womans shirt (which is my favorite) says "Gators are Hot, Save Reggie", and the ash gray T-Shirt says "Don't Hate the Gator, Hate the Game". Check them out if you see something you like go ahead and show me some love.

Not much in the news today. Another article from Canada this time from the Edmonton Sun. They call the lake gungy (not grungy) but I think the lake is fairly clean for how much it seems to have been neglected over the years. The other article is in the Daily Breeze. This article talks about people trying to use me as their mascot and such. I support my use in anyway you can. Hopefully publicity about me will help save other Gators in the future.

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