Saturday, September 24, 2005
Just How I Like It
This past week was extremely quiet, just the way I like it. This is the first chance I've really had to relax since the capture of Little Reggie. In my spare time I've been swimming, eating, and people watching (my new favorite hobby). People are still visiting me intermittedly and I love when they call my name. Some article this week was pointing out how I was calling attention to the environment, here's a call: there are a bunch of empty 7-11 cups by the pier structure in the lake. There is nothing worse than surfacing from the water and having a big gulp cup on your head.

The city of LA is still planning their next move. Somebody told me that the government likes to have a lot of meetings, I guess that is true. I hope they continue to have more meetings so that I can keep on enjoying this great weather. By the way, I loved the rain the other day. There must be something in my genes that makes me love the weather they get in the Southeastern U.S. Don't take that the wrong way though, I don't want to be released in Florida, I would like to stay in Los Angeles at the zoo. However if this comment I received from a reader is true I hope the zoo can do something to the alligator exhibit before I get there. Here is what they said:

"Last I was at the LA zoo the alligator exhibit was 2-4 inches of water (I couldn't get close enough to eyeball it well.)in a narrow, shallow cement channel. The poor alligator in it could do nothing.Keep swimming Reggie. Don't let them get you. You don't want to go to that horrible place.Someone should point up the repulsive way that alligators are kept in the LA Zoo." - BrStarr

Can anyone confirm this, or does anyone have a more recent opinion on the state of the alligator exhibit? This really has me worried and has anyone heard about little Reggie lately? I'm worried about the little guy, hopefully he is doing O.K.

Many people emailed me about he Neighborhood Council meeting but I only received one photo (from Pearly Gator). Everyone said that the meeting was packed, about 300 people, chanting my name. In the photo you can see the Gator Heads and the Free T-Shirts. They ran out of T-Shirts but I guess they are accepting orders if you would like them. I am not affiliated with the Neighborhood Council but I offer a large variety of gift items at my Online Store. Support at the store has picked up a lot since the meeting, thanks for all the support. Continue to send me more photos of the event at .

Besides that not much has been going in the lake. I'm going to be posting a few more baby photos real soon. Thanks for all the support I really appreciate it. Support your local gator.

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