Thursday, September 01, 2005
Giving the Public What They Want
The Daily Breeze (Article Here)reported today that I was spotted Tuesday around Noon by volunteers and on Monday at 10 pm by a herpetologist. They said that I am getting more relaxed don't ask me how they know what I'm feeling. I know that if I don't show my "scaly mug", as the Breeze put it, people will forget about me until I'm captured (if I'm captured). The raw chicken parts that the volunteers have been feeding has been a nice touch, I guess it is the equivalent of trailmix to humans. Remember my single favorite food is a Carne Asada Burrito and the ones from Isaac's are really tasty. Thanks to the longshoreman that brought one over for me yesterday.

If anyone can get the herpetologist to contact me at I'd like to post some of what he's thinking on my site.

The Daily Breeze also stated today that they are not going to try and catch me for at least a week. I kind of think that they are trying to set me up for a sneak attack. I am going to be extra careful this weekend even though there is a good chance I'll give people a good show over the labor day weekend. My species is considered a dinosaur, we are survivors, we are not stupid.

Come out and show some Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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