Thursday, September 29, 2005
Gator Haters: You knew they were out there
Of course whenever somebody garners love and support others always generate some kind of smear campaign to balance out the equation. I know there are a lot of people out there that hate me and want to see me captured but I've finally got a hold of an article that is really anti gator.

The Long Beach press Telegram printed an editorial were the author is a real Gator Hater. He talks about how gators are dangerous and goes on to discuss a story of how somebody was attacked somewhere by a gator. These are scare tactics, does anyone know if T-Bone has the Press Telegram on payroll? I'll admit I can be dangerous if you encroach on me but if you respect my space and stay a proper distance away or look for me from a viewing deck you're more thank likely going to be fine. Don't let your kids wander near the lake (especially inside the orange barrier). Remember that I am on extra high alert with T-Bone back again. It is really difficult for me to tell if somebody is a supporter or if they are working for T-Bone. Plus I'm starting to get paranoid, everytime I hear a noise I think its a wrangler.

I'm not agitated yet but I'm sure I will get sick of this guy living at the lake. This is our lake not his! The Daily Breeze talks about the band that came out yesterday and says that people were out chanting "Free Reggie". I always thought that "Free Reggie" meant leave me here but now I'm starting to believe that to most it means free me by liberating me from this lake. I love this lake and I want to stay.

Someone sent me an email that had a nice phrase describing T-Bone in it: "Don't believe the hype". Come out here to the lake and show some support let T-Bone know that this is where I belong.

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