Thursday, September 22, 2005
Gator Aid Mail, Photos, Council Meeting
Since there hasn't been a lot of action in the past two days I'm just going to post some of the messages that all of my supporters have been leaving me, plus a couple of photos, and an update on the Harbor City Neighborhood Council meeting. I'm assuming that it is going to be slow for awhile since the city is working on a new plan to capture me. We will see what happens, supposedly T-Bone is going to take part in the Gator steering committee.

From what I'v heard so far the Neighborhood Council meeting at Narbonne High was a success. Over 200 people attended, many of them dressed like me. I heard that there were signs saying Reggie for President and stuff like that. I really appreciate all the love, I really don't want to run for office though, too much stress when you have to deal with things like wild animals in county parks. The Daily Breeze has a nice writeup about what happened at the meeting. Read it here:
Neighborhood Council Meeting. I was very excited when I heard about the great turnout, I never expected so many supporters to show up. Thank you to all who came out and showed some love.

The Council allowed me to prepare a short speech to be presented at their meeting since I could not attend. For those who couldn't attend I will post it below. For those who made it to the Save Reggie rally thanks for supporting me, send me your thoughts, summaries, and photos from the event I will be happy to include some of them in my next entry. I would also like to thank the council for organizing the event, I hope it was successful. My speech:

"Hello everyone,

I am very grateful that Harbor City is holding a rally for me tonight. I wish I could be there with all of you but I am busy hiding from so-called gator wranglers whose most famous accomplishment is not catching me. I appreciate the support that Harbor City and all of the South Bay has given me during my adventure. Times have been difficult while learning to adjust to life in the wild but the people of your community have made the transition easier by coming out and visiting me, feeding me (I love burritos), and defending me against all of the people who hope
that I will be captured (I like to call them gator haters).

I have been the recipient of worldwide press but what I am most proud of is that 've made people aware of how wonderful and charming Harbor City and Machado Lake are.

Remember to keep on supporting your local gator wherever you are from and no matter what happens to me I want you to know that "You can take the Gator out of Harbor City, but you can't take the Harbor City out of a Gator."
Reggie the Alligator

Thanks to everyone who voted to make me the new mascot at LA Harbor College (Thanks to all the students who came out last night too). I am not going to be the new mascot, instead the school decided that I will be a co-mascot along with Sammy. I like this concept because I think Los Angeles lacks a lot of tradition and keeping some intact is something I am happy about. I'm sure the school will be selling plenty of Reggie gear in the near future (Remember the original Reggie merchandise is available at my online store). There is more on the story here: Reggie and Sammy.

In a recent Daily Breeze article they reported that I have photos of myself before I was released. Here are two new photos for your enjoyment.

In this photo I don't really know what I'm doing. The reason why I like it is because it shows me having a good time. Look at that smile, it's got Hollywood all over it (producers please contact me through Email). A lot of people think that I am serious all the time but this photo shows that I'm lighthearted and that I have a good sense of humor. I was smaller here (and in the next photo) only about 4ft long at the time.

This photo was taken during the same time period. It shows me eating some raw meat that my friends were feeding me. I used to love raw beef, I never used to like chicken because they tell me it taste like alligator but I've gotten used to it since they started feeding it to me here at the lake. I'll post a more "ferocious" photo of me eating later on.

Now onto the mail that I've been receiving. It has been great, every letter I receive gives me the strength to keep going. Everyone out there who is supporting me by coming to the lake, reading the blog, sending me photos, etc, I appreciate it greatly and I know it will help me remain safe in the future. I would like to take this chance to post some of the message I've been receiving:

Hi Reggie! Glad you are OK. I got worried this morning when I was hearing that you were captured. Actually the LA Zoo is quite a nice gig! Great & board, 100% medical coverage, and lets not forget that there are lady gators there too. This could be great for your social life, especially with your good looks and terrific sense of humor!! Hang in there.

Hay Reggie! Glad to hear your capture was just a hoax! I've been reading your blog site. It's great! I live here in Casper, Wyoming, but I'm originally from Torrance. I've been a vet tech for 20 years and have spent much time rehabing and rescuing reptiles. I was rather intrigued when my mom e-mailed me your story. I think Machado Lake was an ok place make your home. I'm afraid though that someone will try to catch you and hurt you or themselves. Humans are the most dangerous species of all. I don't think the weather will get cold enough to send you into a hibernation, but it may slow you down a bit. Please be leary of fishing lines and stupid attempts at traps. I'll bet you're a really handsome and sweet gator. I wish you the best of luck. You have all our support and prayers from Casper.

Reggie the Gator,Cheers to the San Pedro Brewing Company at 331 W. Sixth St for creating abatch of Alligator Ale in honor of Reggie. "Save Reggie Now!" asend thedthe T-Bone Back to from whence he came". The next time I visit L.A., I'llbe sure to "safely navigate" to the SPBC and sluuurp down some of "Reggie's Frosty Alligator Ale" in your honor.Some of us are praying for you Reggie... all the way over here in NJ.but sinceince I'm a SoCal native, in a sense, we are brothers). We hope you continue to elude those nutty gator captors and their financial support network.

Don't you worry bout a thing Big Reg!! I made sure that sucker-duck T-Bone didn't have the right 'credentials' to even get near ya!!! ;)

The photo below is from a wilmington reader who took her kids to see me. I couldn't make an appearance the day they showed up but they sent me a photo of this sign. Can you believe that they think I'm dangerous?

Dear Reggie
So sorry we missed you we moved from Wilmington to Atlanta Georgia three years ago and When we lived there in california Harbor City Regional park was one of our favorite spots. We used to love to go there and enjoyed feeding all the ducks and geese. Sorrydidn'tidnt get to see you but hope that you will tell all our duck and geese friends hello for us and tell them how much we miss them. Atlanta is a wonderful place to live but sure miss all our friends at the park. Hope they keep you there for a long time and let you get to know all of the wonderful wildlife that lives there in the park. Live long and be happy Reggie and please keep away from those darn gator wranglers.

Good luck Reggie. Glad to hear you're doing ok. From a Harbor City homegirl living out in the boonies of Victorville

Go Reggie Go! Keep hididon'tdont let those jerks take you out of the lake! Love ya, Reggie!!!

Sup Reggie! I hope they never catch you and that you live long and free. Just make sure you don't get into the sewer system and kill people. Then you'll get in big time trouble mister alligator. But for strong!!!!

i think they should make that lake a place for alligators and crocodiles or something cause i dont think there is any other alligators and crocodiles that r wild in california and many people would come and see you and many others!

WAY TO GO REGGIE! The Gatorland people left cause T-Bone was talking smack about them! Now T-Bone can't be found! Was he your dinner? Hope you didn't choke on the bone.....Stay Safe!!!!

I love Reggie, I've been reading online about him ever since my mom sent me a clipping from the daily breeze about him. I'll be in harbor city in a month to visit my mom and hope to see reggie while I'm there.Don't you worry about starving in old Machado Lake buddy, theres plenty of ducks to go around. Go Reggie Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe Reggie, don't let the wranglers catch ya' yet, just tease them from a safe for you distance. :D

As you can see there are a lot of people out there supporting me. Let's keep it up and let's keep spreading the word. Thank you everyone and remember to keep sending me photos and letters.

Reggie the Alligator

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At 12:24 AM, Blogger BrStarr

Last I was at the LA zoo the alligator exhibit was 2-4 inches of water (I couldn't get close enough to eyeball it well.)in a narrow, shallow cement channel. The poor alligator in it could do nothing.

Keep swimming Reggie. Don't let them get you. You don't want to go to that horrible place.

Someone should point up the repulsive way that alligators are kept in the LA Zoo.

They've already got poor little Reggie. There seemed to be a spot for another abused alligator in the "exhibit". I guess he's there.

If you see the killer, T-Bone, bite him just a little to scare him away, OL?

I feel bad for the evacuees of Nawlins, but Quinn boasts of killing gators (though apparently the Gatorland guys don't think he's such hot stuff).

I think we should take William's advice. Fence off the lake (someone might drown in it anyway) and let Reggie stay.


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