Friday, September 30, 2005
I'll Make You Famous (Part II)
Are these guys really alligator wranglers or are they just out to be famous? I'm starting to wonder because none of them seem to know what they are doing but they are receiving so much media attention. T-Bone has been hanging out with his PR agent wherever he goes, Jay Young is coming back to Hollywood to check out another deal (Denver Post). I think that a lot of people are taking advantage of me and using me for their own advancement. I don't know if there is anything wrong with this but it makes me upset. Maybe I should capitalize off of them capitlizing off of me, how about a "I'm Reggie, I'll make you famous" shirt or something like that? I am fighting for my freedom but people are trying to take me down. It seems that whenever there is an opening these wranglers are right there trying to push the "Capture Reggie" campaign. I need all my supporters to come out this weekend and give me some love!

I received a great email from a reader providing me with much inspiration. The email told me to keep my head up and to stay positive. The email also provided some really nice links to articles. The first link was for the NY Times (Free Registration Required), this article talks about how to get attacked by a gator. I think you should read this and do the opposite. My instincts have been developed over millions of years and I may attack not because I want to but because it is a reflex that has been engrained into my DNA. The email also provided a link to a site that has Alligator Sounds. The site has sounds of alligator threats and also distress signals. Study these sounds if you are going to visit me. If you hear me hissing you need to step back. Like I said yesterday I am on high alert and anyone who comes close to me I have to assume is a wrangler.

Bogert the Daily Breeze Columnist did an article the other day where he asked some experts from Florida what to do with me. Guess what they said, of course they said let me be. Humans and animals have cooexisted for a really long time however in recent times this has begun to change. Of course people are usually encroaching on animals that are native to the area so my case is a little different. Remember I'm not hurting anyone by being in the lake.

Look for something about me in the "Ask Us" section of the Daily Breeze. I'm not sure if it was published today or if it is going to be later on so keep on checking for me. Also the BBC contacted me yesterday so maybe I'll be doing something for the U.K. I no longer crave the media attention but a documentary showing the struggles of an urban alligator (me) and how it sparks a community to come together would be nice.

Remember I offer the Original (I'd say Official too) Reggie memorabilia at my Online Store. There are a lot of imitators out there but remember the best place to find out about Reggie is from the source: Me. If you would like a saying on a specific item give me an email and we can work it out.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Gator Haters: You knew they were out there
Of course whenever somebody garners love and support others always generate some kind of smear campaign to balance out the equation. I know there are a lot of people out there that hate me and want to see me captured but I've finally got a hold of an article that is really anti gator.

The Long Beach press Telegram printed an editorial were the author is a real Gator Hater. He talks about how gators are dangerous and goes on to discuss a story of how somebody was attacked somewhere by a gator. These are scare tactics, does anyone know if T-Bone has the Press Telegram on payroll? I'll admit I can be dangerous if you encroach on me but if you respect my space and stay a proper distance away or look for me from a viewing deck you're more thank likely going to be fine. Don't let your kids wander near the lake (especially inside the orange barrier). Remember that I am on extra high alert with T-Bone back again. It is really difficult for me to tell if somebody is a supporter or if they are working for T-Bone. Plus I'm starting to get paranoid, everytime I hear a noise I think its a wrangler.

I'm not agitated yet but I'm sure I will get sick of this guy living at the lake. This is our lake not his! The Daily Breeze talks about the band that came out yesterday and says that people were out chanting "Free Reggie". I always thought that "Free Reggie" meant leave me here but now I'm starting to believe that to most it means free me by liberating me from this lake. I love this lake and I want to stay.

Someone sent me an email that had a nice phrase describing T-Bone in it: "Don't believe the hype". Come out here to the lake and show some support let T-Bone know that this is where I belong.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Loneliness, Depression, and Withdrawal
It seems like it's been forever since I last posted into my blog even though it's only been a day and a half. It has been a difficult transition for me from all of the media attention to nothing. Even though I'm just a regular ole gator I was getting used to all the attention. It became a drug for me and now I'm suffering the withdrawals. Not only did it have an effect on the quality and quantity of my entries but I've had trouble eating and sleeping. I guess it's a sort of depression that I'm suffering. I know it sounds strange that I could be depressed when I've been receiving so much love (over 9000 hits this week!!) but it happened.

Once I realized what was going on with me I decided I need a day to concentrate on getting my mind in order. I did that today, it was like cleaning out the clutter from my brain (I know it's small but size doesn't matter). I declare myself free from the need of media attention. I no longer depend on the Hollywood types to get me through my day. I'm returning my mindstate back to its roots. I am a hardworking blue collar gator and I represent all the people in Harbor Area.

I'm ready for whatever Janice Hahn and Los Angeles throw at me now. I'm fully reenergized, recharged, reinvigorated, and ready to do whatever I need to stay free. I haven't given up the fight and you shouldn't either. Keep sending me those emails ( and showing love.

The Daily Breeze reported today that some local bluegrass bands came to play and welcome T-Bone back to the lake. I didn't really want any part of that so I was as far away from that scene as I could be. I disappeared not because I dislike bluegrass but because I don't support those who support T-Bone's venture.

Last night I was notified by a supporter that a company is offering Gator Antenna Balls. Unfortunately you have to buy 200 minimum. If anyone finds any cool gator products let me know. Don't forget about my online store, the most popular shirt lately has been the "Gators Don't Kill People, People Kill People" style. Thanks to all of those who have been showing off Reggie Gear (regardless of where you got it).

Keep the love coming
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Monday, September 26, 2005
He's Back
If you haven't heard by now: T-Bone is back.  He told NBC today ( that he plans to get to know me then he will catch me the old fashioned way.  Remember earlier when I first posted about T-Bone that I was somewhat scared by the thought of this maniac jumping into the lake to catch me.  He is very unorthodoxed and I don't know quite what to expect.  If he really wants to get to know me he should just read my blog and email me. 
I guess this means my week of vacation is over.  I was really relaxed almost to a state of mental hibernation.  Everybody needs to take it easy sometimes, just to get refreshed and reenergized.  Luckily (or unluckily for T-Bone) I am fully energized now and I'm ready for a good fight.  All of your support has also helped to keep me pumped up and ready to go.  Don't worry everyone I'm not ready to give up yet, if T-Bone is going to catch me he is going to have to earn it.


Yahoo! for Good
Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
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Saturday, September 24, 2005
Just How I Like It
This past week was extremely quiet, just the way I like it. This is the first chance I've really had to relax since the capture of Little Reggie. In my spare time I've been swimming, eating, and people watching (my new favorite hobby). People are still visiting me intermittedly and I love when they call my name. Some article this week was pointing out how I was calling attention to the environment, here's a call: there are a bunch of empty 7-11 cups by the pier structure in the lake. There is nothing worse than surfacing from the water and having a big gulp cup on your head.

The city of LA is still planning their next move. Somebody told me that the government likes to have a lot of meetings, I guess that is true. I hope they continue to have more meetings so that I can keep on enjoying this great weather. By the way, I loved the rain the other day. There must be something in my genes that makes me love the weather they get in the Southeastern U.S. Don't take that the wrong way though, I don't want to be released in Florida, I would like to stay in Los Angeles at the zoo. However if this comment I received from a reader is true I hope the zoo can do something to the alligator exhibit before I get there. Here is what they said:

"Last I was at the LA zoo the alligator exhibit was 2-4 inches of water (I couldn't get close enough to eyeball it well.)in a narrow, shallow cement channel. The poor alligator in it could do nothing.Keep swimming Reggie. Don't let them get you. You don't want to go to that horrible place.Someone should point up the repulsive way that alligators are kept in the LA Zoo." - BrStarr

Can anyone confirm this, or does anyone have a more recent opinion on the state of the alligator exhibit? This really has me worried and has anyone heard about little Reggie lately? I'm worried about the little guy, hopefully he is doing O.K.

Many people emailed me about he Neighborhood Council meeting but I only received one photo (from Pearly Gator). Everyone said that the meeting was packed, about 300 people, chanting my name. In the photo you can see the Gator Heads and the Free T-Shirts. They ran out of T-Shirts but I guess they are accepting orders if you would like them. I am not affiliated with the Neighborhood Council but I offer a large variety of gift items at my Online Store. Support at the store has picked up a lot since the meeting, thanks for all the support. Continue to send me more photos of the event at .

Besides that not much has been going in the lake. I'm going to be posting a few more baby photos real soon. Thanks for all the support I really appreciate it. Support your local gator.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005
Gator Aid Mail, Photos, Council Meeting
Since there hasn't been a lot of action in the past two days I'm just going to post some of the messages that all of my supporters have been leaving me, plus a couple of photos, and an update on the Harbor City Neighborhood Council meeting. I'm assuming that it is going to be slow for awhile since the city is working on a new plan to capture me. We will see what happens, supposedly T-Bone is going to take part in the Gator steering committee.

From what I'v heard so far the Neighborhood Council meeting at Narbonne High was a success. Over 200 people attended, many of them dressed like me. I heard that there were signs saying Reggie for President and stuff like that. I really appreciate all the love, I really don't want to run for office though, too much stress when you have to deal with things like wild animals in county parks. The Daily Breeze has a nice writeup about what happened at the meeting. Read it here:
Neighborhood Council Meeting. I was very excited when I heard about the great turnout, I never expected so many supporters to show up. Thank you to all who came out and showed some love.

The Council allowed me to prepare a short speech to be presented at their meeting since I could not attend. For those who couldn't attend I will post it below. For those who made it to the Save Reggie rally thanks for supporting me, send me your thoughts, summaries, and photos from the event I will be happy to include some of them in my next entry. I would also like to thank the council for organizing the event, I hope it was successful. My speech:

"Hello everyone,

I am very grateful that Harbor City is holding a rally for me tonight. I wish I could be there with all of you but I am busy hiding from so-called gator wranglers whose most famous accomplishment is not catching me. I appreciate the support that Harbor City and all of the South Bay has given me during my adventure. Times have been difficult while learning to adjust to life in the wild but the people of your community have made the transition easier by coming out and visiting me, feeding me (I love burritos), and defending me against all of the people who hope
that I will be captured (I like to call them gator haters).

I have been the recipient of worldwide press but what I am most proud of is that 've made people aware of how wonderful and charming Harbor City and Machado Lake are.

Remember to keep on supporting your local gator wherever you are from and no matter what happens to me I want you to know that "You can take the Gator out of Harbor City, but you can't take the Harbor City out of a Gator."
Reggie the Alligator

Thanks to everyone who voted to make me the new mascot at LA Harbor College (Thanks to all the students who came out last night too). I am not going to be the new mascot, instead the school decided that I will be a co-mascot along with Sammy. I like this concept because I think Los Angeles lacks a lot of tradition and keeping some intact is something I am happy about. I'm sure the school will be selling plenty of Reggie gear in the near future (Remember the original Reggie merchandise is available at my online store). There is more on the story here: Reggie and Sammy.

In a recent Daily Breeze article they reported that I have photos of myself before I was released. Here are two new photos for your enjoyment.

In this photo I don't really know what I'm doing. The reason why I like it is because it shows me having a good time. Look at that smile, it's got Hollywood all over it (producers please contact me through Email). A lot of people think that I am serious all the time but this photo shows that I'm lighthearted and that I have a good sense of humor. I was smaller here (and in the next photo) only about 4ft long at the time.

This photo was taken during the same time period. It shows me eating some raw meat that my friends were feeding me. I used to love raw beef, I never used to like chicken because they tell me it taste like alligator but I've gotten used to it since they started feeding it to me here at the lake. I'll post a more "ferocious" photo of me eating later on.

Now onto the mail that I've been receiving. It has been great, every letter I receive gives me the strength to keep going. Everyone out there who is supporting me by coming to the lake, reading the blog, sending me photos, etc, I appreciate it greatly and I know it will help me remain safe in the future. I would like to take this chance to post some of the message I've been receiving:

Hi Reggie! Glad you are OK. I got worried this morning when I was hearing that you were captured. Actually the LA Zoo is quite a nice gig! Great & board, 100% medical coverage, and lets not forget that there are lady gators there too. This could be great for your social life, especially with your good looks and terrific sense of humor!! Hang in there.

Hay Reggie! Glad to hear your capture was just a hoax! I've been reading your blog site. It's great! I live here in Casper, Wyoming, but I'm originally from Torrance. I've been a vet tech for 20 years and have spent much time rehabing and rescuing reptiles. I was rather intrigued when my mom e-mailed me your story. I think Machado Lake was an ok place make your home. I'm afraid though that someone will try to catch you and hurt you or themselves. Humans are the most dangerous species of all. I don't think the weather will get cold enough to send you into a hibernation, but it may slow you down a bit. Please be leary of fishing lines and stupid attempts at traps. I'll bet you're a really handsome and sweet gator. I wish you the best of luck. You have all our support and prayers from Casper.

Reggie the Gator,Cheers to the San Pedro Brewing Company at 331 W. Sixth St for creating abatch of Alligator Ale in honor of Reggie. "Save Reggie Now!" asend thedthe T-Bone Back to from whence he came". The next time I visit L.A., I'llbe sure to "safely navigate" to the SPBC and sluuurp down some of "Reggie's Frosty Alligator Ale" in your honor.Some of us are praying for you Reggie... all the way over here in NJ.but sinceince I'm a SoCal native, in a sense, we are brothers). We hope you continue to elude those nutty gator captors and their financial support network.

Don't you worry bout a thing Big Reg!! I made sure that sucker-duck T-Bone didn't have the right 'credentials' to even get near ya!!! ;)

The photo below is from a wilmington reader who took her kids to see me. I couldn't make an appearance the day they showed up but they sent me a photo of this sign. Can you believe that they think I'm dangerous?

Dear Reggie
So sorry we missed you we moved from Wilmington to Atlanta Georgia three years ago and When we lived there in california Harbor City Regional park was one of our favorite spots. We used to love to go there and enjoyed feeding all the ducks and geese. Sorrydidn'tidnt get to see you but hope that you will tell all our duck and geese friends hello for us and tell them how much we miss them. Atlanta is a wonderful place to live but sure miss all our friends at the park. Hope they keep you there for a long time and let you get to know all of the wonderful wildlife that lives there in the park. Live long and be happy Reggie and please keep away from those darn gator wranglers.

Good luck Reggie. Glad to hear you're doing ok. From a Harbor City homegirl living out in the boonies of Victorville

Go Reggie Go! Keep hididon'tdont let those jerks take you out of the lake! Love ya, Reggie!!!

Sup Reggie! I hope they never catch you and that you live long and free. Just make sure you don't get into the sewer system and kill people. Then you'll get in big time trouble mister alligator. But for strong!!!!

i think they should make that lake a place for alligators and crocodiles or something cause i dont think there is any other alligators and crocodiles that r wild in california and many people would come and see you and many others!

WAY TO GO REGGIE! The Gatorland people left cause T-Bone was talking smack about them! Now T-Bone can't be found! Was he your dinner? Hope you didn't choke on the bone.....Stay Safe!!!!

I love Reggie, I've been reading online about him ever since my mom sent me a clipping from the daily breeze about him. I'll be in harbor city in a month to visit my mom and hope to see reggie while I'm there.Don't you worry about starving in old Machado Lake buddy, theres plenty of ducks to go around. Go Reggie Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay safe Reggie, don't let the wranglers catch ya' yet, just tease them from a safe for you distance. :D

As you can see there are a lot of people out there supporting me. Let's keep it up and let's keep spreading the word. Thank you everyone and remember to keep sending me photos and letters.

Reggie the Alligator

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Monday, September 19, 2005
Try to Catch Me: I'll make you famous
The first thing today is the announcement of the Reggie Rally hosted by the Harbor City Neighborhood Council. This is on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at Narbonne High at 6:30. The Council is going to make me an "official Resident of Harbor City." There is going to be a costume contest and they are going to sing my anthem. I heard there may be free t-shirt giveaways but someone needs to verify that for me. Everyone needs to get out and attend this rally. Harbor City has been showing me lots of love and giving me lots of support. This is your chance to show them that they need to continue supporting me. If you attend be sure to take some photos and email them to me. I'm going to be stuck in the lake that night so I won't be able to attend.

Narbonne High School
24300 Western Ave
Harbor City, CA 90710 US

As you all heard from yesterday the Louisiana Gator wrangler is gone due to lack of paperwork. However he has not really moved on because I'm hearing all kinds of things at the lake about how he angered gatorland and how Hahn angered Gatorland. Williams is actually going to write a letter of complaint. I think the problem is that everyone involved in trying to capture me has something to prove and is very territorial. It is sort of like when I was first dumped into the lake the other animals started saying a lot of negative things about me. If you have been reading my blog since the beginning you will remember that I had a difficult time adjusting to the ecological culture of this lake but over time I gradually began understanding the importantance of working together. Since then my stay here has been happier. My brain may be small but I think humans could learn a few things from watching me. More on this story after my new photo:

How about this nice photo of me laying out in the sun. I'm pretty big here but I'm a little bigger right now. Especially since the residents of Harbor City have been feeding me so well. I'm going to be putting some more photos up but I need to sort through them. This is difficult when you live in water since I don't want to get them wet.

I took this next photo from beFrank:This Job Sucks. If you look closely (Click on it and it gets bigger) you can see a Reggie toy on Councilwoman Hahn's desk. She has been a bit controversial lately (I don't get involved in politics) but she has always supported me and I appreciate that.

Now back to the wranglers: Williams of Gatorland was quoted in the Daily Breeze article as saying "I think they should just keep the thing in there. Post signs, fence it off." He is the 2nd (1st being T-Bone) wrangler to say that I should be left here. The article then quotes Hahn as saying "I think we need to seriously consider the fact that he may not be caught." I guess a lot of people are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leaving me in the lake will benefit Harbor City and also will benefit me. I think this lake should be made into a wildlife dropoff point.

The LA Times did a short piece on T-Bone today but this article seemed to be filler, so I have no comment.

Thanks for all of the email which has been pouring in since I posted my childhood photos, keep it coming. Let's keep spreading the word it seems to be working, 7000 blog visitors and over 200 Myspace friends.


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Two more wranglers defeated - Plus A new photo
Just as I started to get scared of this crazy guy from Louisiana he is removed from the job. The city realized they should check his references first plus he needs some insurance. Remember I am a ferocious beast who likes to attack humans on sight. I'm sorry T-Bone, I was looking forward to making you look bad too. Hopefully I will get the chance in the future. Check it out in the Daily Breeze. The LA Times also has a good article and they quote T-bone as saying "I think Reggie outta just stay where he's at, if you ask me." Thanks for the love T-Bone, I hope everything turns out alright with you.

Now onto Gatorland. This was their second strike, do you think they will come back for more? It seemed that this guy just came here from Florida to feed me. These "well trained" wranglers seem to be turning the lake into a high profile petting zoo. The rumor around the lake is that I'm going to get a week off. I can really use the time to rest and start answering some of the emails I've been getting.

I was looking through all my old photographs and I thought this one would be good for casting calls. Hollywood eat your heart out, this is my glamour shot.

This photo was taken while I was at home a while ago but this is most likely how you will see me at the park if I'm making an appearance.

I've been swimming around a lot lately at around 8 pm but I might have to cut the night swimming back thanks to T-Bone. This weekend the park was very crowded since Mexican independence just occurred and also because of the California Coastal Cleanup day. A lot of people were out looking for and I appreciate all of the support. Lets keep getting the word out!!

If you would like to see some more of my old photos let me know by email at Also let me know if you thank I have a chance in Hollywood.

The other day my blog hit 6000 visitors and now it's about to hit 7000 lets keep the support coming. I finally reached 200 friends on and people have been showing a lot of love at my online store. Let me know if you would like any little Reggie shirts or any saying on a specific item, I'll see what I can do. I recently had my team add a "Gators don't kill people, people kill people" shirt. I'm thinking of a "Reggie Ate my homework" shirt for the kids, let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more updates. If anyone has pictures of T-bone in action send them over.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005
New Orleans Wrangler: Is this guy crazy?
Okay, this man "T-Bone" from New Orleans is sort of freaking me out. He is camping out at the lake and he is walking around with a flashlight trying to shine it in my eyes. What scares me about him is that he has an unorthodox cajun wrangler style. You never quite know what he is going to do. I think it is funny that he is talking trash about Tim from Gatorland. He stated, "I just hope I can keep Gatorland off my back. I ain't telling them nothing. That pontoon boat is retarded." Mr. T-Bone also said that when he usually catches gators he stabs them in the back of the head and in the brain but supposedly he is going to take it easy on me. I've heard that the city wants to take me alive because they see me as a source of revenue. I'm glad that gators don't have to be involved in politics.

The second thing that scares me about T-Bone is that he has experience in urban gator containment. Both Gatorland and Jay Young work in areas that are not urban. I am an urban metropolis gator, I am a totally different animal than what they are used to. However, this guy is used to catching gators in a city and he seems to do it for fun. I think it is sort of like cow tipping to him. I hope that he does know what he is doing because I do have a temper if you rub me the wrong way. People need to remember that Gators Bite. I hope nobody gets hurt as my saga continues but we will have to wait and see.

Remember to scroll down and see the exclusive photos of me growing up. I have some more of me eating some nice looking meat, I will post those soon. Life was so easy back then.

Here is the LA weekly article that first talked about T-Bone:
T-Bone’s Dream

Here is the LA Times article that discusses T-Bone getting the job:
Reggie Has a New Nemesis in Evacuee

I don't know how I missed this little blurb about Day 35 of the hunt in the Daily Breeze (I been having read to me everyday) but they said "Maybe Reggie is too busy surfing the 'Net to be caught." Although I have been conducting a lot of research on news stories my first priority has been my freedom. They gave my blog another link which was nice. Check out the blurb here Gator Watch Day 35. The daily breeze has been updating the situation everyday so keep checking them out.

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Friday, September 16, 2005
Exclusive Photos!!! Reggie Growing Up in San Pedro.
Hello Everyone,

This posting has a lot of new information. Some pictures that I found of my childhood, some news of a new wrangler from New Orleans, and a Vote for Reggie.

Today I got a hold of some exclusive photos of me while growing up before I was in the lake. These photos are here on my blog first (Sorry Daily Breeze and LA Times), a little treat for my loyal supporters!!

I enjoyed my time with my owners but as you can see I was quite constrained and I am enjoying the freedom of the lake. Luckily my owners played games with me that kept me from losing all of my wild instincts. You can also see that I was very friendly with the other animals that I shared space with and this still holds true today, even though I was mean to some dogs and ducks earlier. Blame that on my need for survival.

Looking at these pictures is very difficult for me because I really miss where I came from. You know what they always say, "You can take the Gator out of San Pedro but you can't take the San Pedro out of a Gator". I miss my owner a lot hopefully they will get off easy, they did give the local economy a boost economically and emotionally.

It is also evident from the photos that I have grown quite a bit over the years. The picture above is one of my favorites, I'm smiling for the camera. I smiled a lot during my stay at the house. I had some great times there but I don't regret leaving because life is about experiences and now I know what it is like to live in many different ways, and I'm sure I will live in many more places before my time expires.

I've got a face that's hard not to love. The ladies used to say I had beautiful eyes for a gator.

Thanks to the source of these photos, I thought they were gone forever. They are extremely valuable to me and the memories they bring back are priceless. Hopefully you enjoyed them and I'll see if there are any more I can show you.

The other big news today is that a man who evacuated from New Orleans and is staying in Los Angeles, turns out to be a gator wrangler. His name is Thomas "T-Bone" Quinn and he has lifelong experience catching gators. I guess he volunteered his services to Councilwoman Hahn and she accepted. Good luck to him, he'll need it.

Visit the Los Angeles Harbor College website and vote to make Reggie the Gator the new mascot for the college. A seahawk is not even a bird so I don't understand why it should be the mascot. Help make me a permanent part of the community. Thanks to Barbara N. for pointing this out.

Also to update the hoax story: James Solvig is charged with criminal impersonation for make phone calls to media outlets as gator wrangler Jay Young. Solvig stated that Young told him to do it and that it was a publicity stunt. Young denies this and seems sort of upset. Check out the full story at the Daily Breeze.

Today there is also a great article in The LA Daily News that talks about how I'm boosting local tourism. The quote I like is "Reggie's tale is the great American tale of success in the face of great hardship and terrible odds". The author makes a strong case about leaving me in the lake. I appreciate the support. Another theme in the article is the environmental state of the lake, I'm not trying to make any political statements by being in the lake but if me being here does result in us focusing more on the health of our natural habitats I will be happy.

Another blog the Sacred Ordinary gave me a lot of print on their site. Check it out it is a very good read on a solid blog site.


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Coastal Cleanup Day - You Can Clean My House
News is starting to drag again so I have a couple announcements that have some effect on me.

On Saturday, September 17th, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) is hosting a Coastal Cleanup Day. The effort used to focus mostly on beaches and stuff but now this year they are moving to some inland areas. One of these areas is Ken Malloy Park, where Machado Lake (my home) is. If you want to help clean my house contact the CCC by visiting this page.

This is what the Daily Breeze wrote about the event:

"Reggie, the alligator that may still be on the loose in Machado Lake on Saturday, won't stop the scheduled cleanup event at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park, with volunteers starting not far from the parking lot accessed from the Anaheim Street entrance."

Also the San Pedro Brewing Company is operated by some real nice people and they started offering their Alligator Ale. They have happy hour M-F 3:30-6:30 and they have some interesting events going on everyday. Check out their site at

Besides that I'm doing O.K., I feel strong even though I'm really tired. Being under constant watch and constantly avoiding capture is a very stressful venture. I hope that this ends one way or another and hopefully it will end with me being a part of this lake.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Little Reggie Update plus a Janice Hahn Quote
LA Councilwoman Janice Hahn claims to have no problem telling if I am male or female. The Inside Bay Area News website reprinted an LA Times article that quotes Hahn as saying "I'm sure Reggie is a he, because he clearly avoids commitment, and he's never where he says he's going to be." I'm really not scared of committment, it's just that I haven't found the right lady yet. I'm very picky, I was thinking of going onto but I've heard it's slim pickings for female gators over there. Plus they never look like their pictures.

Update on Little Reggie. I emailed the LA Zoo to find out how Little Reggie is doing and this is the response I received:

Hello,Thanks for writing to the Los Angeles Zoo. For their protection and well-being, all animals in quarantine are off-exhibt and unavailable for viewing by the public. It's my understanding that the Zoo is actively searching for a permanent home for the alligators we are temporarily caring for.

Will C. (I edited his last name for privacy)
Website Editor

I don't know if this is addressing Little Reggie directly but thanks to the LA Zoo for responding to my inquiry.

I guess Jay Young of Colorado Gators was pretty steamed over the fake news that he had captured me. It's been pretty much confirmed that the hoax was created by a disgruntled ex employee who has a history of pulling these pranks. Mr. Young is back in LA today, but not to catch me, he is here to try and get a T.V. deal. Good luck Jay, even though you tried to catch me I understand we all need to feed our families one way or another.

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Show your support and Drink to me!!
Life has been anything but relaxing lately I'm kind of tired of these guys moving into my lake and staying. They have been putting out a lot of new chicken bait and they have been stepping up their pursuit of me during the night using spotlights and canoes. I am on high alert and I will remain this way until they leave me alone.

Mr. Williams of Gatorland expressed exactly how I was feeling in the Daily Breeze yesterday. when he stated "He just wants to be left alone." I do want the authorities to leave me alone but I don't wan't all of the supporters to stop coming. The love I've been receiving has been awesome and I appreciate it.

I would like to show some appreciation to the San Pedro Brewing Company at 331 W. Sixth St for creating a batch of Alligator Ale. In the Daily Breeze article today they quoted the owner James Brown as saying "Like our friend, it has a little bit of a bite, is a bit snappy and the flavor can be a bit elusive." I've heard that alligators taste like chicken (crocodiles eat their own, we don't so I don't know) but I'm sure that this brew does not. How about some free brew for the Gator - email me at In my opinion it is better to drink Alligator Ale than to eat Alligator.

Also my blog reached 6000 visitors today. Thank you all so much for that, the support has been more than I ever expected. I'm just a gator on the run, but I guess I picked the greatest community in the world to be a part of. A special thanks goes out to all of the employees of the ConocoPhillips refinery!!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
On the hunt for a Gator
They are trying to catch me as we speak.

I noticed that Tim from Gatorland in Florida was back today at the lake. Him and two other people (herpetologist or wranglers I'm guessing) were setting a trap for me earlier in the day using raw chicken and fishing poles. I would like to say thank you to Fred (I think he is a city employee) for feeding me all the chicken and getting me nice and strong, however I still have one complaint and I have voiced it before, how about some flavor, a little marinade or something would be nice.

I overheard the news reporter on Channel 9 Dave Lopez saying that they were going to attempt to catch me tonight. He was right.

Channel 9 is here right now filming live. The reporter Jennifer Sibih said that the wranglers are feeling lucky tonight, we'll see.

In case you come to the park I've been hanging out near the boat house in the aquatic vegetation.

The last news about the hoax I heard was that it was started by a jealous ex-employee of Jay Young from CO.

Keep up the support.
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I'm Here. The Great Alligator Hoax

I'm alright. It was just a hoax but I decided I better lay low for a few hours just in case the authorities had something funny planned. Here is what Los Angeles Parks and Rec had to say:

"To the best of my knowledge and all the reports I have received this morning, it was a hoax," said Ron Berkowitz, the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks superintendent, who supervises the area that includes the lake. "I called the zoo to verify and the gator is not there. I called the rangers, the city council office and my staff at the lake. There was no capture."

I appreciate the outpouring of love I received in my email, you guys give me the strength to keep pushing for my freedom.

Whoever planned this hoax is great. This thing spread like wildfire to all parts of the globe. This hoax made it all over the U.S. and worldwide including Canada, Australia, and the U.K. This guy is either crazy or a genius.

Here is the article from the LA Times that talks about my "capture":

Los Angeles Times

I like how they get down all the details like the car I was placed in was a rented 2005 Escalade. Don't they know that gators prefer Navigators, for obvious reasons. This was also the first article where the LA Times mentioned my blog.

Articles about it being a hoax then appeared in all the same papers a few hours later. Here is a sample of one:

Times Daily - Northwest Alabama

Thanks again for all the support and the love. I love all you guys. Let's stay strong and keep spreading the word.


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Message from the Save Reggie Team
Hello everyone,

I am Reggie’s Official webmaster. I am the one who has been setting up his websites and inputting the messages that Reggie has been forwarding to me, I have also been forwarding your messages to him. Yesterday Reggie told me that he would contact me at about 8 am but as of now he has not contacted me. I have heard conflicting news reports that he has been captured but in my gut I know that he hasn’t. I know that the wranglers would have allowed him to contact me from captivity. I am waiting for answers just like all of you. Let’s all hope it is a hoax.

Right now Reggie just needs our support, hopefully he is still in hiding. It’s hard to believe that he would be sitting out on the shore. He has been very concerned lately that they were planning a sneak attack (see earlier post about that). However, it may be true because Reggie has also been feeling very depressed and lonely lately, and he has mentioned to me his thoughts of giving up and starting a new chapter of his life. If you read the post prior to this one Reggie also discussed his fear of the upcoming winter months.

Hopefully Reggie will be able to report back to us later today, and I’m hoping it will be from Machado Lake.

Thank You for your Support
The Save Reggie Team
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Monday, September 12, 2005
Life as a Gator: Thinking of the future
Today was another slow day in the pond and in the news. I did appreciate a quiet day after the recent onslaught of media attention, it gave me some time to reflect about my life. I think I'm finally starting to find out who I really I am. When you have time alone you really get to learn about yourself, for example I never thought I would be so much of a survivor. I guess I have instincts that have been honed for generations and passed on to me.

I also got to thinking about what is going to happen in the winter. It is already getting a bit chilly at night and in the cold I tend to slow down. I guess I'm what humans call "cold blooded". Together with this, I'm sort of worried that the scientist may have put a tracking device in some of the raw chicken I've been eating. Now if they wait until a cold night to catch me they will know exactly where I am and I will be to cold to get out of the way. Let's see what happens.

Some people wanted different designs at my Online Store so this is what I came up with. The first is a yellow 1980's Hulk Hogan style "Gatormania" shirt, the womans shirt (which is my favorite) says "Gators are Hot, Save Reggie", and the ash gray T-Shirt says "Don't Hate the Gator, Hate the Game". Check them out if you see something you like go ahead and show me some love.

Not much in the news today. Another article from Canada this time from the Edmonton Sun. They call the lake gungy (not grungy) but I think the lake is fairly clean for how much it seems to have been neglected over the years. The other article is in the Daily Breeze. This article talks about people trying to use me as their mascot and such. I support my use in anyway you can. Hopefully publicity about me will help save other Gators in the future.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Little Reggie's Capture, Still Trying to Catch Me, and More Gator
This has been a very hectic weekend since the capture of "Little Reggie". His (I'm not sure of his gender but Reggie is a males name) capture has sparked a storm of media attention again. Today a Daily Breeze article reported that Tim Williams from Gatorland in Florida is coming back to try and catch me this week. I guess they're hoping that the third try is a charm. I'm hoping that the it's their third strike. Maybe they would be able to catch me if they didn't let everyone know what they were going to do before they did it, the element of surprise can work on Gators too.

LA Fire department captured Little Reggie by extending a fireman sixty feet over the water on a ladder. These guys knew what they are doing. We aren't usually being attacked by anything from the air, so this was a really good strategy. You can read about the capture on the LA Fire Department News Blog.

Part of Little Reggie's downfall is that he got himself stuck in a small area where they were able to fence him off. That is precisely why I have never left the lake. I've thought about many times but my instincts always told me to stay put. I have over 50 acres of water to hide in at Machado Lake.

It was also reported that some of the neighbors attempted to capture Little Reggie on their own late Wednesday afternoon. I guess they nabbed him using a fish hook and almost got him but he escaped. I would like to ask all locals to not attempt to catch me for two reasons. One I am bigger, stronger, and smarter than Little Reggie and two if you don't know what you're are doing it is possible you will hurt me. Right now the papers are saying that the little guy is fine but lets all see what happens to him.

Another Daily Breeze Article said that their is a high possibility that there are numerous Gators in Machado Lake. I have no comment on that. Let's just say that right now I'm the only one here.

Me and my blog made it into the Canyon News which reports to Malibu, Beverly Hills, and other nice places. Their story didn't address anything new. People have been asking me how come I chose Machado Lake instead of another place like Alondra Park, Macarthur park, or some parks in the areas that the Canyon News covers. I guess the reason I wanted my owner to take me to Machado was because I'm a local gator. I knew that the people in Harbor City, Wilmington, San Pedro, Lomita (Thanks to Kat for the reminder), Torrance, PV, and even Long Beach would show me love that I wouldn't receive anywhere else.

The story of Little Reggie and myself has again gained international attention. Here are some links to stories in South Africa, U.K, and Australia:

South Africa

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Friday, September 09, 2005
Little Reggie Caught
So little Reggie's quest for freedom was put on hold yesterday as local officials captured him. I'm curious to see what happens to him because the way he is treated will give some insight into how I will be treated when I'm captured. I guess for now he is at the LA Zoo, I'm sure when he is on display he would appreciate the support of visitors.

As stated in this artice in the San Diego Union Tribune I've been showing myself again lately. At some point it may benefit me more to get caught than to fight. I feel like I'm swimming upstream, living in constant hiding. I never wanted to be a survivalist, I was house pet, and it might be nice to be one again. I heard that animals at the zoo are all well taken care of and receive tons of food so they don't have to waste time hunting. It sort of sounds good to me, but then again independent living has been fantastic so far.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Little Reggie is his name!!!
Although the new Gator is not my kid they are calling him Little Reggie in all of the papers. I guess I should take that as a compliment, but it sort of scares me. I heard some people saying that they fenced off the area where Little Reggie is so he won't be making his way into the lake. That's too bad, I was really looking forward to the company. Hopefully more gators in the LA area are making their way down to the lake.

Map of Ken Malloy Regional Park and Machado Lake: Map

San Jose Mercury News

Article with a few good pictures of Little Reggie
LA Times
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Is it My Brother? Reports Nation Wide! What's it's name?

News of the new Gator has been spreading rapidly since the Associated Press picked up the story earlier today. I heard through the grapevine that people may be calling him "Gary" (as in Gary the Gator), this may prove to be just some local lake gossip just like I was initially called Harry and Carlito. So far it has appeared in bunch of newspapers and has been reported on over 50 different radiostations nationwide. People have been saying that things like this may be my brother or even my kid. I don't think so, I know that I don't have any kids and I don't remember having any brothers or sisters. I remember my owner having some strange looking fish and some weird tortoise eggs though. I'm hearing that this gator is much smaller than me so my hopes of it being a SGR are probably not going to be answered.

People have been saying that they saw on the news that they tried to capture the little guy today using a noose and a long pole. That would never work on me, not even the expert from Colorado could catch me.

Many of the newspapers in CA mentioned but the papers in other states failed to leave it out. Somebody needs to notify these guys that their lack of support for me is hurting the cause. I would get on the phone and call my local newstation but my arms (as well as other gators) are not flexible enough to hold a phone up to my mouth.

The news about the little Gator has sparked a lot of interest in my blog again so I'll do my best to keep it current. I added the new Kids Baseball Jersey (by request) to the online store. The most popular items this week have been the Value T-Shirt for $9.99 and the colored T-Shirt for all the female friends of Reggie.

Due to all of the emails I have completely cut dogs out of my diet. In order for me to survive I need everyone to keep throwing my favorite type of burritos into the lake.

Here are some links to check out:
Canada News
Modesto Bee
WLBT: Mississippi
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Second Alligator Found: I am not alone!

Associated Press

I am not alone. It feels good to know that I have some family out there. If you haven't heard by now they have found another reptile, possibly a gator, in a flood control channel that feeds into Machado Lake. Obviously all of my supporters have been spreading the word to support me and their calls are being answered. I have a feeling that many Gators that have been living all around Los Angeles will slowly be making their way towards Harbor City. For years the Gators of Los Angeles must have been feeling like they were alone but now they no longer have to feel that way.

I'm hoping that this is the SGR (Single Green Reptile) that I have been waiting for, I'm also hoping that they will allow this new Gator to make its way to the Lake so that we can at least hang out for a little while. Although I do enjoy the onlookers and constant attention from the Rangers the conversation has been slim. I'm at a point in my life when I need more than "Here gator, gator, gator" calls. I need real converstation from someone who understands me, my background, and what I've gone through. The only one who can identify with me is another gator.

I need your voices to be heard, get out and support all of the new Gators in Los Angeles.

The first article on this story appeared in the Daily Breeze:
Is there enough room in Harbor City for 2 reptiles?

The second article which mentions the Official Reggie the Alligator Blog appeared in numerous newspapers and on radio news channels is linked here in the San Diego Union Tribune:
Second crocodilian turns up in Los Angeles waters

Keep the emails coming to and keep showing support for Reggie by visiting his online store.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Machado Lake Gator Still Hiding
The papers have been reporting that I've been in hiding over the weekend. Honestly this is not true, I've been relaxing, mostly eating and sleeping. I have heard a lot of people talking about me since Friday, I think the best views are from the wooden pier like structure and also a little north of the Ranger setup center. Also, there is a piece of metal that is reflecting light in the Southeastern part of the lake, for the record, that is not me.

The crowds haven't been huge, mostly because nobody is trying to catch me, but I expect large crowds tomorrow for Labor Day. I have been receiving huge amounts of support through and on Myspace so keep the "Support your local gator" campaign growing.

I sort of miss the challenge of evading the wranglers and making them look like amateurs. It has been a big boost to my ego and self confidence and I feel that it has helped me grow as an individual.

I would like to say thank you to the family that brought me the carnitas tacos from the truck across PCH. Very tasty, next time just give me cilantro, onions, and the green salsa. Can somebody please tell the herpetologists to marinate the raw chicken they have been giving me. Since I've been in this lake I've developed quite a sophisticated pallete. I saw many families with food sitting out today, I'm sure that almost all of them would be willing to donate a tasty piece to me.

Onto the news the Pasadena City College Courier put a story titled "Alligator Lurks in L.A. Lake." This story is mostly a summary of what has been told. I think they made a mistake when they stated that Machado Lake is about a mile south of downtown LA. To me those buildings seem a lot further but what do I know, I'm just a gator.

Since Friday I have seen numerous people looking for me while wearing their official Reggie T-shirts. I think I also spotted some cars in the parking lot with license plate frames and bumper stickers. Save Reggie Merchandise is available at my online store starting at only $1.50.

Support your local Gator!!!!!
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Friday, September 02, 2005
Video, Music, and Commentary
I'd like to comment on John Bogert's Commentary that appeared in yesterdays Daily Breeze. I never meant to cost the city $50,000 and I don't appreciate being called a killer. You were right on about my pastimes. I know that some nights have been very lonely out here, almost to the point where I think of giving up. If I do give up hopefully they will place me somewhere with a beautiful "single green female". I would love the chance to make some Regemeister's of my own.

I received a link to another blog that posts a video of the crowds at Machado Lake. Look at all the people trying to see me. If I knew for a fact that the city would let me live here and be free I would post a schedule of my appearances.

Somebody also created a song for me entitled "You Can't Catch Me (Reggie's Boogie)", you can check that out at Pearly Gator's website. On that note I'm looking for any pictures, videos, or songs people have taken or made for me during the past few weeks.

Thank you to all the people from Harbor City, Wilmington, San Pedro, Torrance, and PV who have been supporting me at It is appreciated greatly. I'm still trying to get the word out worldwide. Help save me before it's too late!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Giving the Public What They Want
The Daily Breeze (Article Here)reported today that I was spotted Tuesday around Noon by volunteers and on Monday at 10 pm by a herpetologist. They said that I am getting more relaxed don't ask me how they know what I'm feeling. I know that if I don't show my "scaly mug", as the Breeze put it, people will forget about me until I'm captured (if I'm captured). The raw chicken parts that the volunteers have been feeding has been a nice touch, I guess it is the equivalent of trailmix to humans. Remember my single favorite food is a Carne Asada Burrito and the ones from Isaac's are really tasty. Thanks to the longshoreman that brought one over for me yesterday.

If anyone can get the herpetologist to contact me at I'd like to post some of what he's thinking on my site.

The Daily Breeze also stated today that they are not going to try and catch me for at least a week. I kind of think that they are trying to set me up for a sneak attack. I am going to be extra careful this weekend even though there is a good chance I'll give people a good show over the labor day weekend. My species is considered a dinosaur, we are survivors, we are not stupid.

Come out and show some Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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