Wednesday, August 31, 2005
"Reggie, the renegade"
In today's LA Times Commentary section Patt Morrison wrote:

"And now here's Reggie, the renegade. He fought the law — the park rangers, the swaggering 'gator rasslers in leather cowboy hats and alligator-fang necklaces — and he won."

The article touches on a lot of points that I agree with and it also boosted my ego a bit. Morrison states that more people would recognize me than Villaraigosa, Lee Baca, or Bill Bratton. My favorite part of the article is entitled The Gator as Us. The author talks about how nobody really wants me to get caught because they are living their outlaw lives vicariously through me. I think that we should all rebel against somethings. Everyone is a gator in a lake trying to evade their hunter. I recommend reading this article since it is not just straight forward gator news. Check it out here: As an Alligator he is Quite a Chameleon

He also predicts that I will not be 8 or 10 feet long which I can somewhat verify. The last time I was measure I was around 7'2" but that was a while ago. It's hard to tell if you've grown or not by looking at your reflection in a lake.
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Hurricane Emails, More News, New Products!!!

Due to email requests some more items have been added to the store today ( these include sweaters, bags, journals, and my favorite the license plate frame (shown above). Notice that none of my merchandise mentions my website because I want them to look as nice as possible not like an advertisement.

I have been receiving a large number of emails from people saying that my blog is a great escape from the terrible Hurricane. Many people have emailed saying that they have relatives who are being affected by Hurrican Katrina and this blog has been cheering them up. Hopefully many more people in the affected areas will be rescued.

I received an email today saying that KRNV Channel 4 (Reno) did a short blurb on this blog today. The AP story was also printed in the Sacramento Bee

I have been receiving tons of emails and I appreciate them, keep them coming and keep spreading the word about Reggie. You can still contact me direct at

Support Gators Worldwide!!!!!!
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Reggiemania Hits The Entire State of California!!!!
It's Day 19 of my self exploration mission in the lake. It has been a true learning experience so far. It was nice to have a calm day to myself today, I enjoyed sitting with the geese, in fact there is one Canada Goose in the group of geese that lives on the lake. I've also noticed that the squirrels are getting chunkier due to all of my scraps they've been eating. Pretty soon I maybe able to supplement my diet with a few of these new hi protein snacks.

If anyone wants to contact me directly send an email to my new email address: I will do my best to respond to all questions and comments.

On the media tip I guess the Associated Press has picked up my story and a new article about my blog will be in numerous papers tomorrow. So far only papers in California are running it but we'll see what can happen.

To everyone who has shown support by purchasing merchandise I appreciate the gesture. Come out and support me this weekend and try to wear your Gator Gear. The Save Reggie Brigade should be out strong!!!

Here's the link to several newspapers running the story tomorrow:

Monterey Herald
San Luis Obispo Tribune
Contra Costa Times
San Diego Union Tribune
Fresno Bee Requires Subcription
San Jose Mercury News

Thanks to Pearly Gator for letting me know that the Antelope Valley Press also published a Reggie Story in today's paper. Unfortunately the story is only in print and not on the web. Check out the band Pearly Gator

Keep Supporting Me. Spread the word!!
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Lyle the Volunteer Watchman

Today I would like to say thank you to Lyle the volunteer watchman at Machado Lake. Lyle (pictured above) has been looking out for me daily for a while now. Two weeks ago he spotted me near the grass growing in the middle of the lake. Thanks Lyle for all the support!!!!

Today on 98.7 Star FM a caller recommended putting electricity in the lake to kill me. Honestly I don't think that is a good idea, Southern California is currently running short on energy and this would be irresponsible. I think that the lake should be turned into a wild animal preserve complete with viewing decks and glass bottom boats.

Due to the huge outcry of support you can now save $5 off of a $50 order at the Reggie Superstore.
Support This Site
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Daily Breeze Features Save Reggie Blog
Thanks to the Daily Breeze for featuring the Save Reggie Blog in todays paper. Check out the article here: Parks Gator Gets its Bandwagon If you can pick up a print copy (It's only a $0.25) because you get a full color print out of the Reggie Store.

In honor of the article the owners of Reggie's Online Store have slashed all their prices, T-shirts are as low as $9.99: Reggie Merchandise

Other news:
On Sept 14 the Harbor City Neighborhood Council is going to try to adopt me (known as Harbor City Harry in their area). They are also going to be giving out Free T-Shirts if you can get down there. Check out Harbor City Neighborhood Council and give your support for me at their site.
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Monday, August 29, 2005
Reggie goes to Myspace and The World
I guess I'm going worldwide now and I really do appreciate the support. Let me once again state that I feel that I could contribute to the local economy by remaining in this lake. I could become a sort of Harbor City Loch Ness monster.

Worldwide Articles:
Web India
Glasgow, UK
France (In French)
Brazil (In Portuguese)
Los Angeles (La Opinion)
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Fun Fact: Since some Crocodiles occur in India I will let everyone know the easiest way to tell the difference between crocodiles and alligators. The simplest way is by the shape of their snout. Crocodiles tend to have a v-shaped snout while Alligators (like me) tend to have a more u-shaped snout, which in my opinion makes for a much more handsome reptile. For more information on the difference between the two check out: The Crocodilian Biology Database

My fans have convinced me to join Go ahead and add me as your friend.

This way you can always feel connected with me.
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Hurricane Katrina
It's a nice day today about 81 degrees, perfect for an alligator. I hope that all people and animals are doing fine in spite of Hurrican Katrina. I know the gators in Florida always say that they'd rather be in a hurrican than an earthquake but I disagree, hurricanes have been happening a lot more than earthquakes lately.

On a lighter note, I've been making even more news all across the country.

Rocky Mountain News

Washington Times

Arizona Daily Sun

Cleveland News

Dalls Fort Worth News
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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Even Floridians Can't Catch Me
Associated Press

The Florida wranglers have stopped chasing me for now. I guess the two million years of wisdom my ancestors have compiled and past onto me is finally paying off. The crowds are were nice today since it was a weekend and I want to let the public know that I appreciate the support.

I wish they would stop chasing me. I'm not hurting anybody and I was helping with the abandoned dog problem.

Check out the latest news about me:
Boston Globe
Daily Breeze
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Thursday, August 25, 2005
My Owner and Best Friend

They caught my owner today. I am sad because I feel like he liberated me, he made me free, he gave me the power to feel like a gator again. Hopefully they will be nice to him he. We have a lot of good memories together.

Read the news story here: Owner Caught

Daily Breeze readers come up with innovative ways to catch me: Innovative Ways to Catch Me

And has added a ton of new merchandise like dog clothes, bibs, and buttons to show support for me.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
I'm all over the news, here are the links:


Denver Post
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Physical Condition
I still feel strong today but I'm getting tired. They are bringing some experts from Florida who might know what they are doing. They need to recognize that I understand the intricacies of this lake and they need to respect my knowledge.

The Daily Breeze newspaper has an entire section devoted to me, check it out at it's in the alligator tales section.
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Monday, August 22, 2005
Reggie the Gator Merchandise

People are coming out to see me like crazy, there are t-shirt vendors, food vendors and everything. There is nothing better than seeing a whole family wearing a Reggie The Gator T-Shirt. If your're in the Harbor City area come down to the park and get some Gator Gear, if not you can show some love for me online at
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
Reggie is leading 1-0
Well the first wrangler from Colorado was not successful at all. Honestly I felt like he didn't know what he was doing at all. People in the press are saying that he scared me but I was just chilling out on the other side of the Lake. If you mess around with crazy people like that you might get injured.

I guess they're saying that after I'm captured (they should say if) I will be taken to LA Zoo for 90 days, then my fate is unknown. If they ever do capture me and take me there bring all your families there to show some support for me, the newest citizen of Harbor City.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
You can't catch me, you can only hope to contain me!!

I feel like the Michael Jordan of wild animals released into urban park settings. Mr. Colorado tried to catch me today (why is he wearing a gator tooth) but he failed like I promised. On their first attempt they just dredged up all the crap in the lake and disturbed the ecosystem. They better be careful there a few old bodies towards the south end of the lake (They were there before I got here). On the second attempt they had me in some giant net but I chewed right through it. I thought this guy was an expert, he should know what type of equipment to use on a gator then.

The crowds are humongous now but I feel like the wrangler is stealing some of my thunder. More media outlets are interviewing him instead of focusing on my story. They do not understand the struggles that I've been through. I feel like this lake is my home now and I'm not going down without a fight.
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Alligator Wrangler
I guess they don't want me here anymore, they've hired an alligator wrangler from of all places, Colorado. I have no clue that I will be able to outsmart and outmanuever this team of "experts". I hope that if they do catch me I will be able to go somewhere nice like an animal sanctuary or just take me back home.
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Saturday, August 13, 2005
Wow: Gator Gone Wild

I guess I'm a star now. The lake is officially closed, the rangers are patrolling, the media is here, the public is here, and the politicians are here. The initial reports said I was caimin, I don't even know what that is. I'm full blown 100% gator. They also are calling me "Carlito" which is not my name, my real name is Reggie, Reggie the Alligator.

I've got to say one thing, the people in the South Bay are so welcoming they have been feeding me donuts (I prefer glazed), tortillas, and I still like carne asada burritos.

Come out and show your support for me.
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Friday, August 12, 2005
Coming out party

I guess today was my coming out party. I couldn't take the torture of trying to hide anymore so I let them see me. There must have been numerous reports over the past week that there was some sort of creature in the lake so a lot of government officials were coming out to the lake. I saw a small conglomerate of them so I made an appearance. Two hours later I was greeted with an explosion of news cameras and tons of people.

Who knows, this could be fun or this could suck, only time will tell.
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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Something Strange

The number of people here is still getting larger and they tend to be staying later. I feel like I'm barely ever alone anymore. I had more privacy living in the backyard of my old house. It seems like people are intent on proving that I exist, I guess they don't read blogs. More and more cameras are flashing and music is always blaring. It seems as if my paradise is about to be removed from me.
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